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The 90s fashion revival is huge at the moment and any self-respecting fashionista will have mastered the art of paying homage to the makeup of that era without looking like an extra from the bevy of teen dramas from that time.  My two most prized possessions in my makeup bag at the time were my blue lipstick and my palette of glitter eye shadows (cringe).  I definitely give myself cool points for the blue lipstick though – and someone else who is a fan of such bold colours is recent graduate Florence Adepoju.  After completing her Cosmetic Science degree at London College of Fashion she launched her own lipstick line called MDMFlow. i the stylist caught up with her to find out more…



You studied cosmetic science at university – what encouraged you to pick that as a degree?

Initially I wanted to study pharmacy. I had conditional places at my chosen universities and everything was set, but after getting a job in the beauty industry whilst in college I slowly became drawn to the beauty industry and decided to go for the most scientific role available in the cosmetic industry instead and hustled myself a conditional offer for a BSc in Cosmetic Science at the London College of Fashion.


Your first name is Florence so I can understand where the ‘Flow’ comes from. What does the MDM stand for?

MDMflow stands for Madam Flow.


The lipsticks are all handmade – does this mean that they are made with natural ingredients?

My lipsticks are all handmade and the majority of my ingredients are natural waxes and oils. None of the ingredients I use come from animals. Though a few ingredients are synthetic.


The brand is heavily influenced by 90s hip hop and R’n’B.  What is it about that era that is so appealing to you?

The 90s is a time when hip hop crossed over to the mainstream.  Artists were confident, vibes were good and some of hip hop’s most legendary talent thrived at the time in this environment. I grew up seeing, loving and experiencing this culture. Therefore, as much as it is about the style and the gold chains it is also about reconnecting with my childhood.


If you could come back as any artist from that era who would you choose and why?

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez.  She was very talented and creative and most of the other artists of the era I aspire to are still alive.


As a launch collection the colour palette is very vibrant – how did you decide which colours to work with?

I decided to launch with colours I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere else. Or, when I’m out I see a cool colour and think yes I would love to see that on my lips and I get back to the lab and make it happen.


What’s the most popular colour from the collection?

It changes all the time, for a while it was Purple Swag, then 3 Kings – at the moment it is Self Made.


Self Made

Self Made


Which one is your favourite?

At the moment my everyday colours are Self Made 2 and Milkshake but I do change up colours day to day depending on how I feel and what look I am going for.





Selfmade 2

Self Made 2


You launched MDMflow straight after university which is amazing! Were you not scared?

I had worked so much on lipsticks during my final project and translating this into a business just felt like the next natural step to take.  I was more excited than scared, though things do get scary sometimes.


What plans do you have for the brand over the next year or so?

It’s very hard to share.  Exacts things switch up day to day – the biggest thing for me is creating more products!



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