Guys! This one’s for you. 5 SPF moisturisers you need in your wash bag

One for the boys: SPF moisturisers

It is actually fascinating how much guys think and care about the products they use. It’s a great thing for us; for them however, it’s quite an ordeal. As I have recently discovered, for quite a number of reasons.  Firstly, they don’t sit around reading beauty blogs, primarily for the lack of time.  Also, cause you know, the stock markets aren’t going to monitor themselves. Secondly, unlike us, they don’t sit around having a glass of rose (yes, the guys I hang out with drink rose, and no, not gay) discussing the new SPF moisturisers that have just landed at SpaceNK.  And thirdly, hardly any of them would actually go in the shop and ask a shop assistant for help.  This third one combines both of the above – lack of time and communication skills in this area.


Men’s grooming products should be concentrated in just one online market place.  Like Mr Porter, but the skin care kind. Something that’s super easy to navigate and doesn’t offer too much choice, because again, no time to scroll through or read all the product specifications. I think have done a pretty nice job, but even though the website offers a lot of products, it’s a bit messy. Way too many brands and sub categories. But, it’s the only men’s grooming market place on the first page of Google search so I guess that’s the best option for now.


To help the guys a little with this ordeal over the summer months, here’s a break down of the top five SPF moisturisers, which can easily take you from the office to the beach in a handy 50ml carry-on bottle size.


Shop the edit


Super acids x-treme dark spot sun filter SPF 30, £45.00 RODIAL at


SPF moisturisers dr dennis gross
Dark spot sun defense broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 50, £38.00 Dr Dennis Gross


SPF moisturisers ultrasun
Anti-pigmentation face SPF 50+, £17.99 ULTRASUN at


SPF moisturisers kiehl's
Ultra light daily UV defense, £35.00 KIEHLS at


SPF moisturisers bulldog
Protective moisturiser SPF 15, £8.40 BULLDOG at

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