Minimal nails with minimal tools

Nail polish has gone through some serious advancements. With shellac nail polish making manis last longer than one set of dishes and acrylic nails filed into ballerina or stiletto tips, your nail beds have gone through a lot of wear.


To give your nails the break they really need without sacrificing style, try minimal nail art. These are designs that embrace your natural nails with simple dots and lines. The best part is, you can do it all yourself without stressing over shaking hands or taking a trip to the salon.


Prep your DIY mani with an olive oil and sugar scrub to exfoliate the cuticles and remove all the dead skin. Leave the scrub on for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, if your nail beds are looking a bit yellow, rub your nails with the rind of a lemon and rinse.    


To build up the strength and length of your nails, apply a nail strengthener to act as a shield. This will prevent chipping, inconsistent growth and those horrific hang nails. After, file the nails to your desired shape and buff to smooth out the nail bed for a beautiful grow out.


Now for the fun part – painting! You’ll only need a few household tools to achieve these effects; a toothpick, bobby pin and scotch tape.  


minimal nails


The seeing eye

Put one light blue dot on the end of your nails by using a bobby pin. Layer a white and black dot over the dot you have just made, with the tooth pick. This way you can have different sizes of dots without covering the previous one. Finish with a top coat when the dots have fully dried and just like that, your nails are done.


minimal nails


Geometric nails

Apply two stripes of tape to your nails creating a triangle shape. Apply polish to the exposed nail bed area using the tape as a stencil. Once the polish has slightly dried, peel off the tape carefully. Finish with a top coat.


minimal nails

minimal nails



If you feel that just using polish isn’t glam enough for you, try metallic gold and silver nail gems over natural nails. Apply a dot of nail glue to the nail, wherever you want the gem to be. With the same toothpick grab a gem and hold it onto the nail bed for a few seconds. Apply a top coat and voila! Art.


minimal nails


minimal nails


Since there is no polish covering the complete nail, there’s no concern over nail grow out, polish chips or smudges. Try out these looks for a simple sophisticated touch while letting your natural nails do their thing.  

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