Missguided Babe Collective Perfumes

Following the success of Missguided’s original perfume Babe Power the collection has been expanded, adding three more perfumes to the family. Keeping in line with the original, the new perfumes have the same unique ‘drinks can’ esque packaging. After attending the launch party I was lucky enough to go home with two of the three new perfumes. These were Boss Babe and Babe Dreams.

People can often cringe a bit when clothing companies delve into a new market however there is previous success of clothing companies nailing it with perfumes. Zara’s White perfume is actually one of my favourites. Of course Missguided’s debut perfume Babe Power sky rocketed and sold out in a matter of hours and became the fastest selling fragrance in the summer of 2017. So it is a great step forward to create more perfumes to add to the already successful collection.

Boss Babe is in charcoal grey packaging with baby pink text. I’d describe this as quite a masculine scent yet still sexy and musky and its perfect for the evening time. Babe Dreams in contrast is in baby pink packaging with silver text. I’d use this as a daytime fragrance as it is lighter and fresher with floral notes. Both perfumes last well on your skin and clothes so you can be sure to be smelling good all day. The perfumes are a large 80ml and at £28 each they are definitely not breaking the bank yet they’re still a treat. Missguided has perfectly catered for the relatively young target audience they hold. The perfumes are screaming to be Instagrammed as they look like and feel like a drinks can. The unique packaging no doubt will be filling our feeds after their soon release.

The third perfume in the collection is called Babe Oud which comes in black packaging with rose gold writing matching the original rose gold Babe Power. The release is yet to be confirmed but they will be available Missguided teamed with Per-Scent to create the perfume and it will be available on their website, The Fragrance Shop, Boots and of course on Missguided. The perfumes are a cool and innovative extension to the brand and capture the girl power ethos Missguided promotes.

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