We Try You Buy: Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Monsoon Rose Gold

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

Price: £24.00 (30ml)
Stockists: Monsoon
They say: Exude glamour with the Monsoon Rose Gold Eau De Parfum. Top notes of sparkling lemon, soft fruit and ozonic scents are layered with velvety rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen, and underpinned with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber.

We say: This is a beautiful fragrance by Monsoon that is packaged to perfection with its very on trend white and rose gold box. The bottle itself is simple yet sophisticated with a teardrop shaped body and a rectangular lid. It has a rose gold band along the neck adding to the glamorous look. And, remains remains on brand with its nod to the name of Rose Gold. It’s scent is very universal as it isn’t too floral or musky. It is the perfect everyday scent that would be ideal for work or lunch dates as it offers sophistication yet remains lightweight and airy.


Monsoon Rose Gold


Monsoon Rose Gold


The packaging is spot on for this fragrance as the name of Rose Gold is carried through onto the bottle and the casing, making the perfume feel very luxurious and feminine.



The fragrance is perfect for everyday use and is very long wearing. It offers a beautiful scent and only one or two squirts are required as the perfume is quite strong, making it very long lasting.


Value For Money

Although the fragrance is beautifully packaged, £24.00 can seem a little much for a high-street branded fragrance. However, this product does not feel cheap and is an eau de perfume whereas most high street fragrances are an eau de toilette. This means that the scent is more concentrated and thus will linger longer on your skin.  As a bonus this fragrance will sit comfortably on the shelves in amongst other more expensive perfumes.


Buy or Bye



Monsoon Rose Gold

Rose Gold perfume, £24.00 Monsoon monsoon.co.uk

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