Mother’s Day Tech Gift Guide 2018

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday! Don’t worry if it somehow slipped your mind (where has you been?!) Yes we know that everyday should be Mother’s Day so if you’re making a stand by not participating then more power to you. I tried that one year and it went down like a lead balloon. So for those that don’t mind the gimmick there’s still time to stay in her good books and show her how much you care — with your wallet.

However, this year why not try something different? Ditch the boring flowers and chocolates and treat your mother to something that will make her life a little easier. Technology isn’t just for the men – so why not hook your mother up with the latest tech this Mother’s Day. Warning though – you’ll probably want these for yourself too — sorry!


8 tech Gifts for Mother’s Day


New York-based Q Designs have created a beautiful piece of jewellery that doubles as an iPhone charger. Perfect for a night out without worrying about your battery dying.  Hello, I want this! The chunky bracelet comes in five finishes  — polished silver, matte silver, matte black, polished gold and rose gold.


Mother's Day

Bracelet with iPhone Charger, £114.04 Q DESIGNS at



So you’re at the airport. You’re battery is on it’s last legs and there the dilemma begins. Do you sit at the power points glued to your phone pre-takeoff or do you try and squeeze in the last bit of shopping and fly out with no battery juice?  Well, with the Raden luggage you can shop AND charge your phone at the same time. This innovative piece of luggage  — which comes in two sizes (22″ carry-on and 28”) — has two built-in chargers, an integrated weighing scale and a location device which means that you don’t have to push your way to the front of the baggage claim belt. It’s the future of travel!


Mother's Day

The A22 22-inch Charging Wheeled Carry-On, £226.95 RADEN at



For some reason fash-tech isn’t as popular as it could and should be. HButler’s MightyPurse is one product that hopes to change this. The MightyPurse is a range of fashionable clutches, totes and purses with a built-in charger.


Mother's Day

Tassel Wallet Bag, $119.99 MightyPURSE



Nothing beats a good book so what can top that? Thousands of good books. So, why not treat your mother to the latest eReader. The new Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with 8GB of memory and is also waterproof meaning she can read it in the bath, the pool or wherever else takes her fancy…


Mother's Day

Kindle Oasis eReader, £229.95 AMAZON at



Aspinal of London have tried to combine classic designs with modern tech. Their midi Marylebone tech tote is described as “a modern twist on a timeless classic.”  The Italian calf leather bag comes with a padded iPad compartment, a smartphone pocket with cable path and a built-in charger.


Mother's Day

The Midi Marylebone Tech Tote, £850.00 Aspinal of London



With the unpredictable weather in the UK it’s often possible to experience three seasons in one day. Rather than having to layer up — just in case — tech focused clothing brand Emel and Aris have created the smart coat. The innovative coat  has an integrated heating system. Yes — you read that right — a coat with a built in heater. The women’s line comprises of  two styles; a trench coat and a wrap wool coat.


Mother's Day

Women’s Trench, £1,195.00 Emel + Aris



Bellabeat’s ethos is empowering women on their journey to wellbeing. Bellabeat’s leaf health tracker can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet (accessories included). Founded in 2014, the company is inspired by a natural and holistic approach to medicine. The leaf not only tracks your steps and sleep patterns but also your menstrual cycle. Other functions include an alarm and a stress monitor.


Mother's Day

Leaf Urban Health Tracker, £129.95 BELLABEAT at

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