MOvember isn’t just for the boys…

If I hear one more woman tell me that they can’t grow a moustache…

Ways to MO that don’t involve facial hair and tips on how to keep the men in your life ALIVE!


Frida Kahlo Movember


This Movember is full of MOventure! ‘Tis the Month to MO and MOVE and MOnate!


If you’ve noticed a few more moustached men around…DON’T BE AFRAID. 

You HAVE NOT accidentally teleported back in time (although that would be AMAZING). 

By now you should have noticed that MOvember is upon us and many men are sporting a different face-hair style in the name of “changing the face” of men’s health. 


A lot of people around the world, however, still do not know that you can do things other than grow facial hair to help support the cause. Any bloke who doesn’t fancy the lip tickler and any lady who wants to support the amazing men in their life by giving to a great cause can participate in one of a BUNCH OF THINGS (see below) instead. 




So, I say DO IT! 

If you can’t donate your time and creative flair, go and click onto the Movember site and MOnate some MOney. Or just share this article or the MOvember link and simply talk about men’s health with your people. 

HOW CAN I JOIN THE MOVENTURE without growing a “tash”?

Just – MOVE IT! 




Why not get creative and have some FUN.

Set a goal to skip, jump, run, walk, crawl, hop, cycle…and work your way to a healthier you and help stop men dying younger. 

This doesn’t have the be the longest distance you’ve even ran. You could skip backwards around Hyde park or crab walk whilst yodelling down Oxford Street! 

And then make some NOISE and try and raise some funds!


Create or go to a MO-EVENT


 Movember bowling


Another cool way of participating is by creating or attending a MO Event. 

  • Why not organise a pub pool/ bowling/ cards tournament night and get your mates to chip in an extra 5 pounds for a good cause?
  • Grab some taco supplies and have a night in this weekend with mates and the money you all save can be donated to the cause. 
  • Create a MOventure journey around your town. Get social media involved and live stream some dance offs or handstand competitions!
  • Or if you have band or just a guitar, get your family and mates involved and get them to empty their pockets? The opportunities are endless and the cause is REAL.

Why is this such a good cause?

We can help protect/support the men in our lives. Our dads, partners, fathers, sons and mates!

Movember raises money for Men’s Health concerns such as Prostate and Testicular Cancer and Mental Health issues. Men on average die 6 years younger than females and the rates of prostate cancer and testicular cancer are growing. 


If you’re not already motivated enough to get involved, here are some horrifying stats that the Movember Foundation need you to know about…

We need to Nip PROSTATE CANCER in the bud! 

 Early detection is key! 

For men who have prostate cancer…the chances of them surviving past 5 years is:

Early Detection = 98% survival rate  

Late Detection only 26% survival rate


Nearly 50% of of men diagnosed with Testicular Cancer are UNDER 35!

Mental illness can hit men HARD…

  • 1 in 8 men in the UK have mental health problems 
  • 3 out of every 4 suicides is a man!




What can you do? 

  1. If you have man friends over 45, ask about PSA. “Oh the ol’ PSA”… “what’s crackin’ with the PSA”…

Ladies – if you know any male humans over 50 OR is over 45 and is black or has had prostate cancer in the family…ASK THEM whether they’ve had a PSA test (a routine blood test called a Prostate Specific Antigen test). If they don’t have a clue what you’re talking about…it’s a sure sign that they should have a chat with their doc. YES, they should be all over this themselves…but sometimes we all just don’t look after ourselves enough.




  1. KNOW YOUR NUTS. (In my case it may be “know you’re nuts”…get it? Because I’m loco? )

All HILARIOUS jokes aside, if you have nuts – have some time alone with them…regularly. And if you are a lady who knows a pair…have a proper feel. If you’re like me, your partner will hate this as it feels “weird” and it will lead to him checking them himself 😉 Win-win! 

For the other blokes in your life…just make sure they know that this is very much a cancer that does not discriminate regarding age!




  1. Ask if they are OK.

  And not only that, but be open about how you feel too. The more we can talk about the importance of mental health and the fact that mental illness is a beast…the more the beast will become less powerful because we can all conquer it TOGETHER.

ONE man every minute takes his life due to mental illness.

That is NOT OK. 




If you want some tips on how to approach the RUOK question or want to know more about any of the above…head to:


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