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After featuring rising band COLOUR on our very first WTYB playlist their track ‘Slow’ has been on repeat. So of course,  when I was given the opportunity for a brief Q&A I was keen to find out a bit more about them.  Every year a slew of new bands are pegged as ‘ones to watch’ swiftly replaced by another bevy of eager artists by the following year. We’re throwing our hat into the ring on this one and are putting it on record that COLOUR are destined for big things. We caught up with band member Tidd to talk Paul McCartney, pint spilling and ugly strippers…

WTYB: Your band name must certainly be a conversation starter – how did the name come about?

Colour: We were originally called the Changes (whoops), but the band as a whole, when we got together, didn’t like it. We’ve always been interested in artwork and felt that it should directly mirror the music, and the name had to stem directly from that so that we came across strongly as ‘us’. Block Colours was put on the table (it’s a cool type of fashion and art and almost describes the music), it was vetoed as it sounded too much like Bloc Party. Then we settled upon COLOUR because we realised we wanted to be a one name kinda band – after queen, muse.. that sort of thing. And it still describes the music, which is the main thing

WTYB: The track ‘Slow’ is on repeat for me – I’m sure I won’t b the first or last to draw comparisons with Sting’s The Police – what’s been the most obscure comparison you’ve heard/read about the band?

C: On our first release ‘Strangers’ we were once described as a mix between Foals and Tycho…and the latter we’d never heard of before. So we all checked him out, realised he’s not obscure (sorry) and are now all quite into him! Other comparisons are usually mainstream and we take them as big compliments.

WTYB: So this is your 2nd EP – explain the title ‘The Famous Boy Making Things’

C: I (Tidd) as a kid used to always be going through phases of things I was obsessed with drawing, making comic books, being a radio presenter and making cassette tapes of shows, fashion design, making models… stuff like that. My mum told me that when I was little I made a sign for my bedroom door for when I was working on my ‘big’ creative things that said – and I quote ‘Fayms Boy Maykin Thins’ (because I was a frenetic speller…and only 5). It had a nice ring to it, but also the songs are about that boy growing up and realising the world is harsh and competitive. Most of the songs are about a hangup/problem you develop as you grow up that you didn’t have when you were a child – like cynicism or debt.

WTYB: Without using the words pop or rock – how would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t heard your music before?

C: I usually say electronic indie that’s trying to be different…. or at least find a sound that cannot be found by listening to other bands…….it’s also Pop Rock.



WTYB: If you could add a fifth member to the group (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

C: I think I’d like Paul McCartney, just because he’s so good at the trade he’d just cut to the chase and tell us which songs to run with and he’d be like ‘open with the refrain’ and ‘yeah what about trying something weird here … with an orchestra!’. It would confidently push us forward. He’s so musical and versatile I’d have him on synth/piano … and with someone like him you know it’ll start making anything sound good, and he could write the harmonies and would mean we’d have five-part harmonies.

WTYB: Let’s say we were to remix ‘Slow’ and you had to have a rap or dance artist as a feature on the track who would be in your top three wish list and why?

C: Daft Punk, Kanye West and Chemical Brothers. We’re heavily influenced by good electronic music, we’re directly influenced by glitch hop, french house and just the epic sounds of synths in general and these three are the cream of the crop. Daft punk just have such a lush sound and great melodies and I’d love to hear a vocoder on ‘Slow’. Chemical Brothers know how to make people dance using any sound or instrument. Kanye is a particular fave of Liam and myself, he’s also a very lush producer and I think he’d strip ‘Slow’ back and do something dirty and conceptual with it.

WTYB: You’ve got some really great support industry-wise – have there been any encounters that have left you star-struck yet?

C: Nothing comes to mind just yet, mainly because we’ve been too busy beavering away in our studio or in sweaty venues, so we’ve simply forgotten to attend the star studded parties. But next year, we’ll be putting all our energy into getting Famous Boy Making Things out on the road and in the public eye and out of the studio, so our luck may change then…

WTYB: In these early stages you’re much more accessible to your fans – have there been any bizarre or funny stories you can share?

C: We love meeting fans, this is exactly that stage – we have some media exposure and social as a healthy way of letting people know anywhere about new music and us, once they’ve sifted through the other rubbish that is. We met a fan of ours at our last London show in The Finsbury for #Blogtober who proceeded to monumentally spill his pint over Scott while he and I were talking.  I won’t say his real name now but we more readily know him as Pint Spiller. Not bizarre but that much funnier considering that a) we’d just got off stage and were uncomfortably hot and bothered and b) we had just met him and that was one of the first things he even did and c) Scott then had a 200-mile journey home to do afterwards, as well as loading all the kit… top it all off Scott crashed his car on the way home and he and Liam didn’t get to bed til 7:30am….nice one Pint Spiller!



WTYB: The press images for ‘Slow’ are really striking fashion wise – is here any fashion trend that you would never try?

C: Leather trousers. I think they’d make us look like ugly strippers and I cannot think of anything more uncomfortable and inappropriate to wear while doing what is essentially mild exercise.

WTYB: When can we expect a debut full length album from the band?

C: We would do an album now, but as an unsigned band without the time on our hands to make an album solidly – I think the album would change sounds from start to finish because it would take too long. You always discover things in the studio as you go along and it would change your trajectory for the next song.  If you add months of time into that and all of our changing tastes we would end up making a confused album. EPs are our versions of albums because we can get them done quickly at our own studio and they are a stamp of our sound at that time.



The Famous Boy Making Things EP is released 24th February 2017. Check out their PledgeMusic campaign to pre-order.

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