Music Monday: Frida Sundemo Interview

For such a relatively small country Sweden have given the world some awesome things. And, we’re not just talking about Volvo, Ikea and meatballs here. We’re talking pop music.  There’s been Abba, Roxette,  Neneh Cherry, Robyn, Lykke Li, Swedish House Maffia and Avicii to name but a few. One name who is hoping to add to this list  is Frida Sundemo.  Sundemo’s brand of uplifting pop is likely to land her a coveted spot amongst Swedish pop royalty. Since debuting in 2013 Sundemo has already caught the attention of Hollywood and has had her tracks featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf and Scream Queens. If you’re not familiar with the promising artist then check out her track ‘We Are Dreamers’…we promise you’ll be hooked! We caught up with her ahead of the release of her latest single It’s OK

WTYB: You sing in English as opposed to Swedish – is that a conscious decision you made early on?


Frida Sundemo: Yeah, it was actually. I wanted as many people as possible to be able to listen to my music and a reason to get out in the world. Singing in Swedish would probably not help me doing that. And I also love the English language, it’s so soft. 


WTYB: I LOVE ‘We Are Dreamers’ – particularly the melody –  how did that track come about?


FS: Wow, thank you very much! Me and Joel (co-producer and partner in crime) wanted to write something larger than life both lyric- and music wise. We watched clips on Youtube with names like ”Highlights from Euros 2016” or ”Traveling through space” and played the biggest strings sounds on the keyboard whilst we shouted out our guilty pleasure melodies, haha. 


WTYB: Your promo images have that stylish, minimalist look that we’ve come to expect and love about Swedish creativity. How important is fashion and your style with regards to your image as an artist?


FS: I would say that visuals in general are super important to me, I sense a lot through my eyes. And when it comes to music, I really think that visuals help strengthening the music itself when used in the right way. It’s about building a creative world of yours and the more dimensions of it, the better I think.   With that said – I barely know nothing about fashion. Still, I have a strong gut feeling about how I want to look and what I like to wear. I prefer walking into a vintage shop than a fancy designer’s house. 


WTYB: Which Swedish fashion designers should we keep an eye out for?


FS: Haha, I guess I gave you the answer in the question before. But I could actually tell you a few anyway. Fannie Schiavoni, Julia Andersen and Natalie Johansson Strand. Fierce women. 


WTYB: You’ve tried your hand at acting in the British film How to Kill Your Friends. Firstly how did that come about?


FS: It started out with some of my songs getting placed in the film. And then they asked me if I wanted to audition for the singer actually performing them in it. It was one of the most surprising moments in my life ever, haha. I had never looked at myself as an actress but I felt clearly I had to give it a shot. Turned out I got the role and I never regretted it. I had so much fun! And I also got to stay in Shoreditch for three whole weeks, which I could never say no to. 


WTYB: Is acting something you would like to do more of?


FS: I’m definitely not aiming for it, but if I got the chance again I would be all up for it! I love unexpected opportunities and always feel like it’s ‘meant to happen’. I guess that’s a good thing most of the times.  


WTYB: Which UK artist would you love to collaborate with?


FS: Thom Yorke, my long time hero. David Bowie would had been amazing too but that’s obviously too late. RIP.


WTYB: You shot the video for ‘We Are Dreamers’ in London – why was that?


FS: London is always on my mind in some way. We talked with different directors and got in contact with Stephanie and Francis from London whom I loved! That’s why.


WTYB: Favourite thing to do in London? 


FS: Eating too many bagels from Beigel Bake at Brick Lane. 


WTYB: Any plans for live dates in the UK this summer?


FS: Sadly no! I just came back home from a visit though. I played at The Victoria in Dalston on the 25th of April together with Naomi Pilgrim and Eckoes which was fantastic. Hopefully I’ll come back soon again! 

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