Music Monday: #NowPlaying…#13

Music Monday: #NowPlaying…#13

It’s Monday – but it’s ok. Why? Because we’re bringing you our Music Monday playlist – that’s why.  This week we’re showcasing new track’s from former Cash Cash member Zookëper, electro duo Glassio, multi-platinum selling X Ambassadors and DJ/producer Juicy M.  One word – enjoy!


Zookėper – ‘HARIZ’s – OVRBRD’


Inner Tongue – ‘Dig Deeper’


Neon Tiger – ‘Summer’


Drinker – ‘Fake It (Elliot Moss Remix)’


Glassio – ‘Papaya’


Juicy M – ‘Spotlight’ ft Sophie Hintze


Blood Cultures – ‘Detroit’


X Ambassadors – ‘Ahead Of Myself’


Teflon Sega – ‘Press Play And Escape’


The King’s Parade – ‘Mother Tongue’

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