Natural Beauty Hacks: Fresh Herbs

Inside out beauty is a growing trend.  People are as worried about what they put on their bodies as they are about what they put inside them.  This is not new but is currently trendy.  Everybody knows that if you eat rubbish you will look and feel like rubbish. Making sure you take in the right fuel to maintain and produce your body is now not something relegated to new age practitioners or hippies in communes!

Once you have a handle on what vitamins and minerals you need to enhance your outer appearance you then have the mine field of where the foods came from and how they were produced and how did they get to your local shop.  Air miles and fuel consumption, excess packaging and the growing mountain of plastic that threatens to engulf the world are all hot topics.  Then add in chemicals in the soil and the damage to the earth for centuries to come as we humans muck up yet another part of the planet and you may want to consider doing a little producing of your own fruits herbs and vegetables.

Nature is not always at one with those that live in flats on the tenth floor for example. Doing just a small amount of ‘gardening’ whether it is a few pots on the window sill or some tubs by the back door of your paved over minuscule outdoor space will pay great dividends in satisfaction and the knowledge that the herbs and plants you are growing are chemical free, did not cost the ‘earth’ to get to you and are doing you good!

Herbs are full of wonderful things that can improve your skin hair and nails.  Also circulation, your digestive system, bone and cell growth.  When you grow herbs at home they are as fresh as you can get without any breaking down of their vitamins and minerals.  You can eat them or put them into recipes for facials and body scrubs and so on.

Burgon and Ball are a bespoke gardening company that are keen to champion inside out beauty and having a go in no matter how small a way.  Burgon and Ball have teamed up with Sophie Conran to produce some small kits of herbs and edible flowers.  Not only do these have an actual purpose they are also great decoration around the home.  Sophie’s Herb Garden has lemon basil, wild rocket, Old English Thyme and Coriander.  Sophie’s Edible Flower Garden has Lavender, Calendula, Viola and Nasturtuim.  Both kits would make great presents or hostess gifts if you can bear to part with them.


Sophie Conran

Here are a few recipes for inspiration:

Basil Splash

Basil has heaps of Vitamin C and is antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and  anti fugal.  Steep some basil leaves in hot water.  Remove the leaves and chill in the fridge.  Use this toner to tackle redness and acne and to bring a soothing calming feeling to your skin while sweeping away bacteria.

Puffy Eyes

If you have puffy eyes just place a few wet leaves in the eye area and lie down for ten minutes or so.

Face Mask

Finely shred some basil leaves and mix with fine salt and beaten egg whites.  This mask will tighten and tone and clean your skin after you paint it on and leave it for about 10 -15 minutes.

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Rowena Kitchen
I am a qualified beautician active in the industry for over 20 years. To me health and beauty go hand in hand. What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. My USP is my love of finding ideas to make money go a long way by making informed choices about what to invest in. I love everything about the beauty business and bring my joy and caution in equal measure to my writing and exploration.

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