REVIEW: NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream

NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream

NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream

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They say

Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream calms and strengthens the protective barrier of dry, stressed and sensitive skin. It reduces skin vulnerability and redness over time, which significantly improves texture, firmness, lines and overall skin clarity with antioxidant benefits.  It is clinically proven to be compatible with rosacea therapy and to reduce teleagiectasia, irritation and overall rosacea severity, as well as photoageing.

We say

NeoStrata are a nifty range of reasonably priced products that tackle the dreaded signs of ageing.  I don’t have a problem with ageing but nobody wants to look ‘old’.  To me old skin is dull, uneven, deeply lined, pigmented, thin and dry.  No matter how far down the road you are, this product will bring you back some of the way!  It’s magic ingredient is 10% Gluconolactone.  Sounds complicated but actually it is simple to understand why NeosStrata have included it as an active ingredient in this product.

Gluconolactone is a PHA – we all know about AHAs of course. PHAs have all the benefits of AHAs but are more gentle on the skin.  The molecules that form it are naturally attracted to moisture so when you apply it to your skin it sucks in the moisture that is in the air around you allowing it to be absorbed and then forms a protective barrier to keep the moisture already present in there. Fabulous!

I used this cream on my face and neck in the evening.  Necks are notoriously apt to be dry as they have few fat cells in the area.  And, those ‘necklace lines’ are often exaggerated by not cleansing, exfoliating in particular and then moisturising properly.  When older women tell you to ‘never neglect your neck’  pay attention.  If you start early on treating your neck and décolleté and face as one unit you will look amazing when you do reach those upper years.

I was looking forward to the claims of restoration, calmness and strengthening of the skin.  My skin certainly looks clearer and with a brighter tone to it.  The fine lines at the corners of my eyes have evened out and I think this is because I was previously overloading the area with products that were too rich.  Ditto the fine lines around the top of my lips. This NeoStrata cream has gently reduced the dead cell build up and allowed my skin to look less uneven.  The cream smelt lovely and had a pleasing texture which was non greasy and absorbed quickly. All in all I am keen to try other products in the range such as the Bionic Face Cream that has 8% Glucononlactone which is sold for drier skins. The sort of range that is usually sold in upmarket salons and is recommended by practitioners.


Simple always wins.


Very effective in the time I have used it.  I am excited about how my skin will look after a few months.

Value for money

A product that is doing several jobs and doing them well rather than having to buy several to cover the same area.

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NeoStrata Ultra Moisturising Face Cream

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