Eliminate Fear and Try New Things: An hour with Sophie Milner

Trying new things is something that we are all guilty of being afraid to do. We make up reasons to avoid doing anything different. I met with Sophie Milner; a YouTuber, blogger, university graduate and self-proclaimed faux fur addict, and discussed her experiences when trying new things.

try new things

Milner works full time as a Blogger and Content creator on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. However, this was not always the case…



Milner started out as a student at Cardiff University studying journalism and once finishing her time there with a 2:1, went on to Central St Martins. It was here that she  looked more at Fashion Journalism and graduated with a distinction.


Career – switching to self-employment

In the spirit of going out into the working world, Milner became a fashion writer within the online sector of Harvey Nichols. Milner joked about writing styling tips for the new pieces and exclaimed “how many ways you can write about how to style men’s jeans?”

Milner quickly realised that blogging on the weekends and in the evenings after long days at work were not ideal  and so she tried something that we’ve all been afraid to do at some point in our life… quit her job! Milner saw an opportunity to grow her blog and turn it into a full time career and despite the fear, she did it and within a year, her personal blog went from strength to strength.


Trying new content

As an influencer, it’s essential to stay relevant and to write about what people want to read. Milner prides herself on injecting her personality into every post, photo and video and “keeps it real”. When asked what doesn’t do so well on the Instagram, Milner expressed that “beauty posts often flop, my viewers and followers know me for fashion so beauty posts never get as many views/readers.”

Milner also mentioned that as a London based blogger, she found it difficult to create content that was well received when she travelled to various countries in 2017 .“People know me for being in London and so when people saw me in Cambodia, it was different to what they knew of me.”



Quick-fire round:


i the stylist: What was the last beauty brand you tried?

Milner: Glossier was the big brand on the scene last year so yeah, Glossier.


Last date you went on with a guy who wasn’t your usual type?

What, like a date-date? Oh, before Christmas. Didn’t go great…


Fashion trend you’ve tried recently?

I don’t really like to follow trends, as such, but I have been trying to channel more 80’s vibes in my looks.


Impulsive purchaser or savvy shopper?

Impulsive, definitely. Apart from buying my Chanel Bag – I did so much research, asked my followers questions about hardware and durability etc.


Ever tried anything different with your hair?

I did go very, very blonde once and it was just… too much blonde.


Best beauty treatment you’ve ever tried?

Definitely, nose fillers. It wasn’t super expensive and it was something I wanted to do for myself.



Milner’s top 3 tips for trying new things:


1. Do your research!

Make sure it’s definitely something you want to do and the more you research it, the more that’ll help you decide if you do or not.

2. Don’t let other people put you off!

If other people are doing the same thing, don’t compare yourself to them because not everything works the same for everyone.

3. Don’t limit yourself!

Tell yourself you are good enough and just go for it – you never know, it could open so many doors for you.

Post Author: Kirsty Burke

Kirsty Burke
Having been in love with both fashion and writing since I can remember, being able to write now, and for online readers, is quite literally a dream come true. I like to think that my writing reflects me as a person and shows some of my personality whilst still informing you about what’s on trend and what I’m loving each season. Fashion will constantly fuel me with ideas and inspiration for my writing so if you like what you read, you have the catwalk to thank.

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