REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash

Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash

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Nivea gentle cleansing wash is a good antidote to the aggressive exfoliation and deep cleaning that are so very fashionable at the moment. Not only does it gently cleanse but it soothes and moisturises making it a multi purpose product. This is good for sensitive skin and various skin problems including acne, psoriasis and eczema.


The product is not very inspiring and the packaging is uneasy with the traditional blue logo against the pink cleanser looking odd. Lack of information about Hydra IQ on the product which would encourage people to buy it.


A very good product that does what it says on the tin without any fan fare or gimmicks. Want clean soothed skin? Then you have picked up the right product. The Hydra IQ is a bit of a miracle ingredient and needed by everyone at any age or skin type.

We Say:

Nivea have been around for seemingly centuries – actually it’s just the one century! Before Nivea was launched there came the invention of Eucerit. Eucerit acts as an emulsifier combining oil and water together into a stable mixture. This was the founding ingredient that was the perfect base for a skin cream. Nivea, when translated from two combined latin words, means Snow White. Now that’s a bit of history I like!

Our image of Nivea is a blinding white unctuous cream in a blue metal tin. They have come a long way in a hundred years and have many products in their stable that do a variety of things.

The main ingredients in this cleansing cream wash are sweet almond oil and Hydra IQ.
Almond oil is able to dislodge debris from deep within the pores and follicles and can help ward of acne with its Vitamin A content. It soothes and moisturises. It also contains vitamin E which acts as an emollient and lubricator for dry skin. Massage therapists often use almond oil as it glides over the skin with pulling or tugging. The Greeks and Romans used oil for cleansing by applying and scraping off with a ‘Strigil’ which was a curved metal blade with a handle. That seems a bit extreme these days but demonstrates that oils have long been used for cleansing purposes.

Hydra IQ is a patented intense moisture technology that penetrates deep within the skin to regulate moisture balance and reduce water loss. It encourages the formation of Aquaporins – these selectively conduct water molecules in and out of the cells. Too much science? It basically means it Hydra IQ encourages water to stay in the skin which is a good thing for plumpness and tone.

To use: dampen the skin and gentle apply the lotion then massage in with small circular movements. Rinse well and pat dry. Apply your moisturiser while your skin is still damp to trap even more water into the cells. The lotion is a very pleasing pink hue and smells like sweeties mixed with talcum powder so a very delicious experience.
If you want to have a quick exfoliation then add a teaspoon of fine sugar to a teaspoon of the lotion and mix well in your hands before using. Afterwards your skin will feel smooth and moisturised. My skin did not feel tight at all and was baby soft after a week or so of using it daily.


Does a good job without any hoopla. 4 stars


A standard tube with weird colour combination for the fonts. I know sticking with the original logo is paramount but making it a bit more elegant would count for a lot. 3 stars

Value for Money:

Excellent value – a lot of product that does exactly what it says it will do. 4.5 stars

Over all rating: 4 stars

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