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Norvell Show Stopper Skin Perfector


Norvell Strictly Come Dancing Show Stopper Skin Perfector

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They say: The multipurpose body balm immediately offers skin illumination and gradually builds a show-stopping tan. Formulated to act as a CC cream – the product moisturises, brightens and firms – all whilst evening skin tone and extending self tanning colour.

We say: The product was very effective and lived up to its claims by making my legs look way better than they actually are – gleaming and ready to dance. It does not come off on sheets or towels even in the slightest.

I was not sure about this when I saw the box and though it was going to be a gimmick and not worth the effort. I was wrong! After two applications my legs were a nice gleaming pleasantly even tan. It had the aroma of biscuits which made me hungry!

This product claims to firm, moisturise, even out skin tone with its CC ability and add colour. It certainly does. I suggest using it in the bathroom and although there is no suggestion to wash your hands afterwards I would definitely do this. The liquid came out of the tube very quickly so beware. Be ready to apply instantly. Yes, we all know how to apply body lotion but some little hints and tips and anecdotes would go a long way (unless it’s missing the insert) to making me want to buy this again and use it successfully. Use long strokes to apply with attention to the back of the calf and around the ankles and toes. Follow up with some circular motions around the knee and up the thighs. The lotion for sure made my shin glowing and sleek and look in better shape.

I felt my “paso doble” improving with each stroke. As the liquid had a guide colour I could see exactly where I had or had not applied. You leave this on and do not rinse it away later as with some other similar products. The product gave me a rich brown true gleam that others commented on. I would keep this to hand year round for an instant boost of colour. In 2 applications my legs are a deeper shade. You could use it to fill in tan lines or do those pesky backs of the legs that always seem paler than the front. If I was doing this I would probably use a makeup brush to paint inside the lines and go over the area quite a few times.

I would have liked some fun photos of the Strictly Dancers and some comments from them. I found the box quite boring and not all eye catching. Which is a shame as its a great product inside. The website is a lot more inspiring.

No matter what the shade of your skin is to start, the moisturising and gleam elements would suit everyone.


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Norvell Show Stopper Skin Perfector

Norvell Show Stopper Skin Perfector, £24.99 norvelltanning.co.uk


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