Our Pick of Some of the Top High Tech Beauty Gadgets

With the ever expanding technology industry, it is no surprise that a beauty gadget can become as smart as our phones. The future of beauty is here and it’s time for our regimes to have a software update. Check out our pick of the most innovative and high tech beauty gadgets on the market.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask £59.99

Using technology found in a dermatologist’s office, this mask uses red and blue light to help with bacteria and inflammation. It is currently the only LED at home treatment on the market and has a huge success rate in helping with acne. As an alternative to strong medication and creams, a ten minute session claims to achieve clearer and healthy looking skin.

WAY – South Korea Disk £92.78 ($123 US Dollars)

Korean skincare has always been a step ahead of the Western beauty markets and a pocket sized, electronic dermatologist is no exception to this. WAY is the ultimate beauty gadget. After being placed on to your skin for three seconds, it is able to inform you about elements of your skin condition including moisture and oil levels. It also tells you how to treat it with specific product recommendations. The device links through Bluetooth to a mobile app making it the easiest and quickest dermatologist appointment you’ve ever had.

HiMirror (£250)

HiMirror is another at home skin and beauty consultant, in the form of a 17 inch mirror with a high resolution camera. It has the ability to tell you incredibly in-depth information about your skin and build a custom skincare routine. Unlike WAY, HiMirror can be controlled with a remote control and even has voice recognition. The process involves taking a picture of your skin, and, connecting to an app which gives information about not only your skin but makeup and fitness too. Oh, and it also has Spotify.

NuFace mini facial toner (£150)

Anti-ageing is a massive market in the skincare industry and a beauty gadget that can promise less wrinkles in 5 minutes is very appealing. The potentially suspicious looking device uses micro-current technology to promote facial stimulation. Put simply, it’s an at home natural, pain free face lift. It claims to contour, lift and smooth the complexion with three levels of intensity to ensure a treatment that is suited to your skin.

Phillips SoniCare Electric Toothbrush (£360.00)

Pearly white teeth are never going out of style and toothbrushes have come an extremely long way in terms of technological advancement. So much so that we can now have an app linked, telling us which areas need more attention and where is being brushed too hard. The Phillips SoniCare Smart ToothBrush has both SmartBrush head sensors and head recognition as well as 5 modes and 3 intensities. It promises to remove up to 10x more plaque, up to 7x healthier gums and the Premium White mode claims to remove up to 100% of stains. I wonder if it can even write my dissertation for me.

ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Device (£425)

With an extensive team of scientists, doctors, engineers behind it, the ZIIP Nano Current Device uses Nano electrical currents to help skin issues ranging from anti – ageing to acne. It says the product is a ‘work out for your cells, tissue and facial muscles’. Again it works alongside an app which allows the product to have three further treatment modes, for sensitive skin, dark circles and acne prone skin. It claims to be the ‘closest thing to a Harley Street treatment’ that we can achieve in our own bathrooms.

Dyson Hair dryer (£299.99)

We wouldn’t be expecting our favourite hoover brand to be producing a hairdryer, however this is possibly the most innovative beauty gadget on the list. Using AirMultipleir technology this hair dryer is supposed to be your fastest blow dry yet. It has a glass bead thermistor and micropressor that helps prevent heat damage. Not forgetting a vibration reduction mount and a one inaudible frequency to keep it much quieter. Pretty clever.


From a LED Mask to a hoover hairdryer we’ve got you covered. Although it may seem that a lot of these items come with a hefty price tag, their abilities are as impressive. For professional procedures we can pay thousands so why not try an in-house experience instead. Make space for a beauty gadget to upgrade your routine and ensure professional results at home.

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