Our Top Tips for Dressing for a Cruise

Who doesn’t love a good cruise? Whether you are in it for the long haul or whether you are off on a one night boat party, we have some top tips for what to wear on a cruise ship. It really is important to dress for the occasion, but no one wants to be wearing boating overalls and a life jacket on their luxury party boat cruise. So we have compiled some great ideas for staying stylish, dry and most importantly, comfortable!


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Where are you travelling to?


One of the first things that you need to consider before packing your stylish goods for your cruise is where it is that you are heading. Are you going somewhere with sub-zero temperatures, or are you heading as close to the equator as you can get? Either way you are going to have to pack accordingly. If you haven’t decided on where to go yet then it’s definitely worth checking out these promo codes for Fred Olsen Cruises. They have some great locations and ships, not to mention discounted prices!

We have taken two extreme examples of hot and cold weather conditions to exemplify the difference in fashion that these temperatures call for. There really is no reason to look unfashionable just because it’s too hot or too cold!


Caribbean Cruise: So you’re thinking of heading off to the Caribbean, ey? Well you know exactly what your cruise wardrobe needs to consist of. Light and breezy outfits! Nothing too heavy and nothing too constricting. With temperatures in the Caribbean sometimes going up to 80 degrees fahrenheit during the summer season, it’s no wonder that you’ll need to be taking some cool pieces of clothing with you.

The perfect outfit: Stick to throw on dresses in a light colour. Accessorise with a pair of sunglasses, a wicker hat and some airy sandals. This outfit will keep you looking both stylish while maintaining a cooler temperature.


Arctic Cruise: An arctic cruise is a really amazing way to explore the colder regions of our planet. Watching glaciers and patches of snow drift past your window is a truly beautiful and humbling sight. But you have to make sure you wrap up warm! This means thick coats, woolen jumpers and comfy socks.if you’re looking for some great insulating fashion at discounted prices then it’s definitely worth checking out Promo Codes For. You can find some great discount codes for all your cold weather clothes!

The Perfect Outfit: Staying stylish while wrapping up warm can be a tricky business. But the most stylish winter look lies in a thick double-breasted coat, a matching scarf and gloves and some insulated lace up boots. You’ll be both warm and instagram ready!


Take a foldable anorak


When embarking on a cruise you need to be prepared for the alternating and unpredictable weather conditions that come with travelling by ocean. One of the best ways to prepare for potential rain in by taking a foldaway anorak. These practical beauties fold away to a small size so they won’t take up much room in your luggage. Plus you can get them in some really beautiful colours and sizes!


Think hats and hoods


Hats and hoods are another great way that you can fashionably prepare for the interchangeable weather conditions that come with travelling by sea. A hat can protect you from the sun while a hood can protect you from potential rain. So make sure to pack your large wicker summer hat and a branded hoodie! Not only do these styles make you look relaxed and confident, but they will also keep your style practical and appropriate.


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Pick a flat shoe over a heel


While many people do take a good pair of heels with them on a cruise, you always have to consider what is right for you. If you struggle in heels at the best on times then be careful with wearing six inch beauties on board. Though only slight, the swaying of a large boat can put anyones balance off kilter. Make sure you have packed some smart alternatives. A pretty pair of black dolly shoes, a pair of low heeled boots or some fancy sandals will do just fine.


Always take something fancy

You are going on a cruise after all. Make sure you pack that little black dress and that designer handbag. Enjoy dressing up in the evening and hitting the bar. Though dressing for a cruise is a practical business, you do still want to have some fun with your outfits. Make sure to pack something glamorous and sparkly for those nights spent eating out and watching shows.


There are plenty of things to consider before going on a cruise, especially when considering what to wear. But over all as long as you pack for the weather, prepare a rainy alternative, remember to pack some flats and bring something fancy, you are sure to have fun. So go and get packing and start looking forward to your next cruising adventure!

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