How Plant-Based Technology Can Inspire Your Vegan Journey

Plant-based technology is getting in on the fun as the vegan revolution continues to take shape. People far and wide are adopting diets free from animals. But for many, the changes that come with adopting a plant-based or vegan lifestyle are too much to bear. With that being said, how does plant-based technology come into the mix?

If you could still eat the same foods, with the same textures and tastes, why wouldn’t you? How about doing just that – and also avoiding many food-borne illnesses and detrimental environmental and agricultural issues. Isn’t that worth consideration? Some companies are now focused on cultivating food that is of greater benefit to human health, the environment and the animals.

So, does plant-based technology have the potential to provide an easier pathway into a vegan lifestyle?

Nice looking burger, but is there a healthier way?

Health is Wealth

The health benefit would be the most logical entry point into a vegan lifestyle for the more health-conscious. Switching to a vegan diet is widely known to prevent and reverse some of the most prevalent human diseases – including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Veganism is not just a trend, its a lifestyle that can enhance the quality of life.

Our Environment

Cattle farming for our food has profound impacts on our environment. As a result, its sustainability has been called into question. The animal agriculture industry is responsible for excessive water use, greenhouse gas emissions, ocean dead zones and land deforestation.

However for those who love meat, it’s almost impossible to give up its taste, cultural significance, and convenience. It’s understandable. Humans are creatures of habit; we often avoid wholesale changes. It might be too much of a leap to swap mince in your bolognese for lentils, or fast food cravings for kidney beans. How about swapping meat for…meat?!

pomegranate and spinach - too big a leap into veganism
Pomegranate and spinach; not for everyone

Plant-based technology

Can plant-based technology really aid your potential transition to a vegan lifestyle? There are reasons to believe so. Taste, culture, convenience and tradition keep us locked into our lifestyle choices, and as a result large corporations are recognising this. You might not want to make a giant leap towards a plant-based lifestyle. Baby steps might be the way to go. But being able to make a gradual shift towards an environmentally-friendly and health-boosting lifestyle would understandably be easier.

As a result, plant-based technology is rapidly becoming the talk of the town and touted as the future of food. Let’s look at two companies that are replicating the meats that everyone loves – just without the drawbacks:

Beyond Meat

Arriving in the UK in the first quarter of 2018, US company Beyond Meat’s remit is to replace animal protein with meat made from plants. Making their burgers from pea protein, beet, potato starch and coconut oil is concrete proof of this. From a health perspective this would do wonders in terms of eliminating consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol. They strongly believe in providing great tasting food for maximum enjoyment, but minimising environmental impact and maximising human health.

Interested? They believe that the way to get people to eliminate meat from their diet is to replicate meat – just without the downsides. Dubbed ‘The Future Of Protein’, Beyond Meat have a range of burgers, sausages and chicken that could kick-start your vegan journey .

Image of an example of plant-based tech - Beyond Meat burger patties
Beyond Meat – A result of plant-based technology

Impossible Foods

Plant-based technology has another pioneer in the form of Impossible Foods. They could be your answer! With a commitment to understanding how food choices affect the environment and health, they affirm their belief in turning plants into meat. In a similar fashion to Beyond Meat, they view lab-grown mock meats as infinitely better for our health and better for the environment. They utilise simple, natural ingredients in the form of wheat, coconut oil and potatoes.

Again, the dreary prospect of completely banishing your favourite dishes is accounted for, and your journey — however slow — can begin in earnest.


Picture of Impossible Foods burger, example of plant-based technology
Impossible Foods; making it possible.

So, could a plant-based existence be on the horizon for you? Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are certainly trying to make it that little bit easier. You could arrive there without even knowing it, thanks to innovative plant-based technology. Reach out to those who love meat? Check. Produce food that can inspire a healthier, more ethical way of living? Check. You might not want to go for the sweet potatoes and kale just yet, but you can transition to a vegan lifestyle a different way. Meet your new meat, and inspire your vegan journey.

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