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It’s that time of year again, when all of us are unavailable from the hours of 9-10pm because Love Island is on. With Love Island comes the constant envy of the beautifully tanned girls and guys strutting around the villa.

And, it’s also that time of year where lots of us will be going on holiday ourselves. So, here are our best products to help keep you glowing and camera ready, poolside.

Sun protection

Maybe the most boring, but the most important of course is our SPF. As much as we want that deep glow we also don’t want lots of wrinkles in years to come. So, it’s important to be protecting both the skin on our body and our face. And, so that we don’t end our holiday with lots of breakouts using a different SPF specifically for your face is important. The Glossier Daily Sunscreen is perfect because you won’t get that awful white cast as it clear in formula thus is perfect for all skin tones. Also, it absorbs into your skin nice and quickly so you’re not left feeling greasy.



As I’ve said we all want a tan but we don’t want the bad side effects of a real one. So, our best bet always is to fake it. We’re very lucky nowadays that a lot of tans on the market can mimic the look of a real golden tan. If you want the perfect application that’s going to fade nice and evenly you can always get a spray tan before your holiday. Alternatively you can use your favourite at home tan the night before your trip so you’ll be ready to wear your white bikini on day one. To add a little supermodel glow and enhance your tan add a little bit of liquid illuminator into your suncream for a bit of shimmer.


Now in a perfect world, we’d all be confident enough to go bare faced in the sun but that’s not always the case (which is absolutely fine). So, we can cheat a bit and make it look like we’ve got not makeup on with some light and easy products. Want to achieve natural looking poolside beauty? I’d recommend a bit of tinted brow gel, an eyelash curl and even some waterproof mascara (if you’re feeling fancy), a bit of tinted moisturizer and a spot of lip balm. This will give you a boost of confidence while still allowing you to have that natural, beachy vibe.

Keeping cool

Now above all this prep when we’re sunbathing sometimes all we’re bothered about is how bloody hot we are. So to keep cool without getting in the pool every five minutes there is a sea of water sprays out there that we can keep in our ice bucket and spritz all day long. Whilst I will admit a lot of them are water in a spray bottle sold for a fiver some of them actually do have some lovely ingredients and trust me the cool mist is appreciated. A nice option is the Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray, it’s a cult classic and also comes in a handy little mini form so you can take it on the plane too.


Hopefully these products and tips help you to feel confident poolside with a few beauty bits that can help achieve that sunkissed bombshell look. Hope you all have the best time on your summer holidays !

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Yasmine Kennedy
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