REVIEW: Rosina’s Morning Rose Eau de Parfum

Rosina’s Morning Rose Eau de Parfum 

Price: £25.00



  • Unashamedly nostalgic ethos and packaging. The 1950’s live on in this range that is girly and flowery and cute.
  • The smell of roses is in full bloom in all the products.
  • Heady and romantic in every aspect.



  • If roses are not for you then stay away!
  • If vintage is not your thing then you will not like this range.



A rose perfume brings back memories of gardens and summer and happy times for most of us. There is an element of it being old fashioned but that is the point. The packaging is delightful with stripes and blooms in faded rose colours with glossy brown grosgrain ribbons to tie it all together.

They Say:

The essence of a signature fragrance is to evoke memories of self that will follow you with love, through every move that you make. Morning Rose Eau De Parfum is a fresh, floral fragrance that evokes special memories of walking through an ancient rose garden as the sun rises.

Top Notes: Tuber Rose, Fresh White Flowers

Heart Note: Jasmine

Base Note: White Musk


We Say:

Rosina’s lotions and potions was developed by three generations of women. That is girl power full force! They make their perfumes in small batches using the finest ingredients and essential oils. The aroma is heady and feminine. With so many products being about modernity this is a delightful trip down memory lane. Even the most high flying woman wants a moment of just being a girly girl. Pink and green against brown stripes has been a girls heaven since Georgian times. Vanity fair girls and the Bronte Girls wore silk dresses with sprigs of roses, sat on chairs featuring rose and stripes and lived in rooms with similar wall papers!

This brings back the 50’s era with a pat of powder from a compact and a golden lipstick tube. A time when women reapplied their lipstick and scent after lunch and after every cup of tea.
The scent is wonderful and is dispensed from a sculpted glass bottle straight out of Mad Men. The box is nicely sturdy. I know that sounds mad but we all like a heavy box that feels like it means business! Everything in this perfume is about calmness, warmth and luxury.
Anyone of the gift boxes of products from the range would be a marvelous present that the recipient would take a lot of joy in.



delivers a powerful burst of roses that lasts for ages. 4 stars



fabulous! 5 stars


Value for money:

the whole package is a really good price. 5 stars


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Morning Rose Eau de Parfum 50 ml, £25.00 Rosina’s

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