The Real Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Makeup at Night

Dressing up and applying your make up is all fun and games until you trudge home at 3am and have no desire to meticulously remove it all. We probably spend so long debating washing our faces or not, that we could’ve already done it and been long asleep. But why is it so important to remove makeup at night?

Dr Ejikeme, director of Adonia Medical Clinic, shares her top five reasons why you should remove your makeup before getting your beauty sleep.

She reminds us all that makeup contains chemicals and no matter what the bottle says, this is not good for sleeping in. Dr Ejikeme adds: “These chemicals penetrate the delicate skin, blocking the natural secretion of sebum – the lubricant and moisturiser your skin makes.”

The second reason — and possibly the most important — is that makeup can clog pores and cause spots. It is important to remove makeup before bed each day as you then give your skin a chance to breathe with unclogged pores. Clogged pores give spots and blackheads a chance to develop.

Clogged skin isn’t just a reason to remove makeup at night, what about clogged eyes? Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and sleeping in eye make up can cause major harm. You may find your eyes irritated and infected the morning after sleeping in makeup. But, even if you manage to avoid infection your lashes will become brittle and weak causing them to fall out.

In a world full of anti-aging products why would you want to reverse the positive effects of serums and creams by sleeping in your makeup. As we sleep our skin goes through a renewal process, regenerating cells and repairing itself. Dr Ejikeme adds: “When your skin has makeup on, it can’t breathe, which interferes with the natural repair mechanism. Throughout the day, environmental pollutants stick to your face, which increase oxidative stress if not removed.”

Dr Ejikeme’s final pointer for not sleeping in makeup is that it will contribute to enlarged pores. She adds: “Makeup left on overnight causes your pores to become clogged, preventing them from producing all-important collagen. Over time, they become more visible and are famously tricky to remove.”

Next time you come home late after a night out and are tempted to sleep in your makeup these tips will come in handy. After all, it may be one night but the damage it can cause can take a lifetime to erase.

Post Author: Natasha Patel

Natasha Patel
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