Red Carpet Round-Up – 04 August 2014

It’s that time of the week again when we put our catty hat on again and make ourselves feel better by trashing what the celebs are wearing on the red carpet.  No? Oh, just us then?  Before you start judging us check it out and let us know if you think we got it right.  Comment below or tweet us @ithestylist and let us know what you think…


The Good



Cameron Diaz

This is a LBD at it’s best.  Diaz looks fab here at the Mexico City première of her latest film Sex Tape. It’s simple, chic and shows off her fab pins! 10 out of 10 Cameron!


Vivica A Fox

Now, whilst this dress wouldn’t get any pride of place in my wardrobe I have to give props where props are due. Vivica celebrated her 50th birthday at the weekend and looks friggin fabulous.  Granted she can’t move her facial muscles – who can in Hollywood but any woman who can pull off a sparkly bodycon dress on their 50th birthday deserves a round of applause and a telegraph from the Queen – that should be the new thing – why wait till 100? No one has time for that!


Tara Reid

Yes – I know. Let me stop you right there. Hear me out.  I agree she should be punished for helping to inflict Sharknado on us (yes – that’s a real film) but I feel no shame in saying that Tara Reid looks normal for once.   I’m ignoring her hair and that fact that her toes are hanging on to her shoes for dear life but I feel the need to acknowledge that she is dressed appropriately and doesn’t look like she’s been on it for days straight. Well done Tara!

The Bad


Heidi Klum

Even supermodels aren’t immune to a bad outfit.  This dress has no place in your wardrobe Heidi.  Three-in-one dresses are never a good idea. Had the designer continued with the crochet effect it may have worked.  But no, they thought I’m going to take ideas from three different dresses and make them into one.  This should have been shut down at the sketch stage. Alas.


Lana Del Rey

One of my mantras is  if you can’t suck it up then stay at home.  Justing saying. Lana Del Ray looks peeved in almost every photo from the Child of God première and I’ve realised why.  She must have accidently left her shoes at home and had to walk the red carpet in her driving shoes – I’d be fuming too!


Mel B

Had this been the photocall for a night out on the Las Vegas strip then Mel B might have got away with it…just.  However this is an America’s Got Talent post show red carpet event.  It’s too tight and too short – save it for the club if you have to Mel.

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