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Remente is a mental well-being app that helps you to achieve goals and maximise your potential. For over a month now, I have been trialling the premium version with some surprising results.

CEO David Brudö says: “We want to democratise mental wellbeing and believe it is important to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to mental health. Remente helps its users to reach their potential, understand how to better balance their life and set goals – basically create a personalised life coach”.

Once you are signed up, you are instantly asked to fill out a short assessment. Using a scale between 1 – 10, you can rate how you feel about everything from relationships, work, personal development, and fitness.


After completing your life assessment, you are recommended goals based on your results. Each goal requires dedication and time – I suggest being strict in not choosing too many.

Other tools Remente offers includes:

  • Day planner – containing both daily to-do’s, as well as long term tasks that relate to your goals. It’s optional to customise your day.
  • Mood journal – Pick how you are feeling based on a face chart. This will explain what affects your mood and keeps track of how your goals are helping to improve it.
  • Collection of courses and boosts – Most goals require that you do partake in courses. These are filled with well-researched statistics and facts, alongside mini exercises. The boosts are a mix of tips and tricks.

What can you expect?

We are a society that over works and never has enough hours in the day. It’s one thing trying to arrange time to meet friends in the midst of work deadlines and family, it’s another attempting to improve personal development, fitness and recreation.

Remente takes our schedule alongside our ambitions, and puts them together to form a structure that is not over complicated. It’s goals are wide-reaching: Showing your family how much you love them, Discovering your home town, to becoming a Networking ninja.

The tasks are easy to follow, enabling you to not procrastinate.


Any drawbacks?

As Remente is an online life coach, there is only so much that it can cater to you as an individual. For example, I am currently working on improving my morning routine. One of the tasks is to workout, however I prefer my workouts in the evening. Likewise, when eating healthier, I don’t necessarily have to eat a salad everyday as the goal suggests.

Some actions you have to take with a pinch of salt.

You also need dedication. The app makes it as easy as possible to take on challenges. But you still have to log in, spend time going through courses and tasks, in addition to rating your mood and life on a routine basis. It’s worth checking what each goal wants you to do before committing.

I have found a couple of the courses quite time-consuming.


How easy are goals to complete?

When you have decided which goals to work on, Remente sets up a daily tasks list. So, if you have chosen the goal: Eat Healthier, your day plan might tell you to make a fruit salad for dessert or swap a refined sugar snack for fruit.

This makes the goals simple. The idea is for them to work as long-term solutions and not something you do and forget. Which means that it will take more than a week to complete.


Is a digital life coach worthwhile?

You will not feel patronised or have anyone criticising you if you come across a set-back. The only person you will disappoint is yourself. The app works as a positive, uplifting coach that you can continue to go back to.

Since using, I have been intrigued at how my mood develops throughout each week and whether achieving my targets will improve my mental well-being. It’s fascinating to see that it has. The motivation is that although the coach is digital, it’s another tool pushing you along.

You are more likely to follow a regimented system that does all the hard work, rather then sitting with a pen and paper and conjuring up mini-tasks. It’s easy to forget. Remente sends notifications, so although it can’t scold you for ignoring, you will  have determination to comply.


Should you upgrade to premium?

The app is free on both the App Store and Google Play. With that being said, if you pay and upgrade to premium, you will get access to a more detailed plan and goal setting tool, access to 80 courses and over 150 exercises, see complete statistics to gain insight about how your mood works and what affects your emotions, a better protection with a pin code option, and the ability to export data for analysis.

It costs £8.99 a month for 1 month, £3.75 a month for 12 months, or a once in a lifetime membership of £174.99

To find out more information click here, or type in the Remente on your App or Play store and download today.

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