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Remington Durablade

Price: £49.99
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They say

The all-in-one grooming tool that will never let you down, it’s been specially designed to last a life time. The dual sided TST (Trim Shave Technology) blades allows for grooming in any direction effortlessly, for a perfect shave every time. Get your preferred look with 1, 2, 4 or 6mm stubble combs to achieve a variety of lengths and style beard lines with perfect precision using just the blade, shaving both with and against the grain effortlessly, for up to 60 minutes usage time.
Lithium-powered with up to 60 minutes usage time and fully waterproof with an anti-slip grip, this instrument can be used wet, dry or with foam or gel.

We say

The Durablade is sold in good sturdy black and orange packaging with useful photos on the back showing its strengths and uses. The charger is neat and easy to use. The add on combs for cutting hair to different lengths seems sturdy and vary from 1mm to 5mm.

It claims to be usable wet and dry. Wet for a closer shave and dry for various shaping and cutting. The man who tested this for us said it was brilliant for tidying and shaping but not so hot for close shaving. He also said it felt comfortable in the hand and it’s appearance was suitably ‘male’ but not dull and boring. Men seem to like black grey and orange and occasionally a hint of green in their products!  There was just the right amount of information on the packaging without feeling like you were reading a handbook.

The tester said he was keeping it and would use it so that is all the praise you need for a shaver. He has a beard and would have liked to have known about the 5mm comb head when he started growing it as beards take a while to ‘bed in’ and you can look quite scruffy until they get going. This comb head would have allowed him to keep the length of what had grown while letting the rest catch up. Neat.

The tester found you could get some really sharp angles and also balance out the sides of the face. For some reason hair often grows faster on one side than the other – who knew! The Durablade sits in the middle of the razor market price-wise and does a good job if you want to angle and trim.


Good colours and sturdy cardboard and not too much plastic.


Extremely good at trimming – not so hot at close shaving.

Value for money

Great value.  If you want to keep your facial hair neat and tidy and have that ‘just out of the barber’ look – then this is for you.

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Durablade, £49.99 Remington


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