Resolution Reboot: Achieve Your Fitness Goals Now

Warmer weather have you thinking back to that fitness resolution you couldn’t quite keep up?  Now is the perfect time to examine past fitness goals with some professional tips on getting over those previous roadblocks to give it another go!



Couldn’t get to your workout? Get a friend

Accountability is one of the keys to adherence. According to a study completed by the American Society of Training and Development, you have 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. Or get a few friends – group fitness classes are also an excellent way of creating adherence to a routine and provide extra motivation during a workout. Apps like ClassPass make accessing group workouts easier for your schedule. It also has fun features like being able to see your friends also on the app to attend classes together.


Wasn’t getting results? Get a trainer

But be picky – not all trainers are the same so it’s best to do your research first to see which are best suited to your fitness goal. Strength & conditioning coaches are the well-suited if you’re seeking specific weight training achievements, performance-enhancement in a sport, or preparing for a race. Trainers with backgrounds in mind-body connected fitness, such as Pilates or yoga, will have an expertise in building core strength, flexibility, and using exercise in other ways such for health improvement and stress-relief. Pregnant or just had a baby? Get a trainer that is pre/post natal certified. The great news is these days most fitness professionals are very diversified in their experience and skill-set. It never hurts to find out a trainer’s background and expertise before investing in their help!


Couldn’t sustain change? Keep it simple

A common occurrence I see with new clients is a tendency to overdo it at the beginning. There is no need to take on too much change at once. Have a collective goal to eat healthier, workout 3x a week, and get 7 hours of sleep during weeknights? There is nothing wrong with choosing just one of these to focus on first. Try for the first 2 weeks getting the sleep you are seeking. You may then find you’ll feel more restful to add a 3rd workout into your 2x weekly fitness routine. After another 2 weeks, you may then feel an increase in energy levels to start preparing a healthier lunch to bring to work. Make your goal buildable. There is nothing wrong in moving in simplified and calculated steps.

Post Author: Lauren Catherine Hunt

Lauren Catherine Hunt
I'm an NYC fitness & wellness professional living in London. With close to a decade of experience in the industry, I currently work for James Duigan's Bodyism as a performance specialist & pilates instructor. Forever a wellness junkie, I enjoy endlessly trying out the latest wellness products from around the world to promote the best health inside and out. Connect with me @fitwitstyle

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