REVIEW: Aequill Lemon & Rose Geranium Candle

Aequill's Lemon & Rose Geranium

Aequill Lemon & Rose Geranium


Price:  £26.00 (RRP)

Stockists:, various independent London boutiques (see website for details) 



  • Hand poured and handmade
  • 100% recycled glass container
  • Paraffin wix for the best scent throw
  • Fresh summer smell



  • A strong amount of soot is left after lighting



Aequill’s Lemon & Rose Geranium, is a handmade candle with a fresh, uplifting smell; perfect for those needing an early summer pick me up. The soot residue however, left my candle latern black. Because of this, I was overall disappointed.


They say

The scent of summer captured in a candle!

Take yourself on a trip to sunnier climes with a burst of sunshine in a jar – Mediterranean citrus and herbs combine in AEQUILL’s zesty, uplifting Lemon & Rose Geranium aromatherapy candles. This Lemon & Rose Geranium aromatherapy candle is AEQUILL’S freshest and happiest of signature scents from their Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop collection.

Designed to make you smile and bring you joy, Lemon & Rose Geranium is perfect for the days when your mood needs a little lift and equally perfect for the days even when you don’t! With it’s fresh, revitalising blend of Lemon, Rose Geranium, Rosemary and Lavender essential oils it’s best enjoyed during the day time to help reinvigorate and revive your spirit.

AEQUILL was created by Jintana Khieochuam.  Born in Thailand, she moved to London with her mother who owned a beauty therapy practice.  From an early age Jintana was surrounded by precious oils where she began to learn of their powerful therapeutic properties. Her obsession with candles and her childhood memory of playing with essential oils is brought together in the most therapeutic way she knows – the light of a candle.

 Aequill's Lemon & Rose Geranium


Light preferably during the day. The candle should burn for up to 40 hours.


We say

This hand poured candle that is eco-friendly, is sure to impress in any welcoming home. The packaging has an old apothecary feel, with each box hand-stamped with a contemporary wax seal.

The scent is meant for summer, and as uplifting as it is, I believe other competitors on the market have released more flavours that make me think of summer beaches and cocktails at a rooftop bar. The glass and candle itself is attractive and sits beautifully as part of a homes decor.

Fragrances are available as well as travel-size options, along with eco-refills. The ethos of the brand is fantastic and impressive regarding its environmentally friendly aspects.

However, when leaving the candle in my lantern, I noticed the amount of soot left behind, which was obvious as the lantern was clear and clean beforehand.



Long-lasting and a great scent, but the residue could be improved. 3 stars 


Aequill's Lemon & Rose Geranium


Beautiful, well-presented and eco-friendly. 5 stars


Value for money:

Taking into consideration that it is handmade with 40 hours burning time, the value is good. 4 stars


Buy or bye?



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Aequill's Lemon & Rose Geranium

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