REVIEW: B. Flawless Silk Foundation

B. Flawless Silk Foundation

Price: £9.99

Stockists: Superdrug


  • Wide colour range
  • Simple packaging
  • Affordable
  • Vegan friendly


  • Pump application is a little unpredictable
  • Quite a thick product


Good amount of range in the colour and skin tone types. I would definitely recommend to use it as it’s an affordable foundation that gets a medium to full coverage when built up. Looked good on the skin for the most part of the day.

They say

B. Flawless Silk Foundation has been designed as a light to medium coverage foundation which is also buildable, so you can find the coverage just right for you.
This non-oily foundation is blendable, lightweight and sheer, giving skin an uplifting glow however much you build it up. The silky formula has a natural feel and results in a youthful, luminous finish which will last all day.


Apply after your preferred B Primer. Blend from the centre of your nose outwards to help even skin tone for a silky smooth finish.

We say

I tried the product in C2. The foundation is packaged well and is nicely presented for a high-street foundation. However, when applying, the pump broke off in my hand and when put back on, the product spurted out and made a bit of a mess. Just my bad luck, or something that needs to get looked into? I also found the pump took forever to actually get the product out of the tube. When actually applying, I put it straight onto the brush and it did blend out well and I liked the coverage of it. The price is very reasonable and I would recommend people to purchase this product.


Good coverage, nice dewy look to the skin after application. Seems to do what it says it should do! 5 stars


Nice sized product and simple packaging. Some issues with the pump. 3.5 stars

Value for Money:

Affordable and reasonably priced amongst other drug store brands. 4.5 stars

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