REVIEW: Buff’s ThermoNet Range

Buff's ThermoNet

Buff’s ThermoNet headwear and neckwear


ThermoNet: £22.50

Headwear: £22.50

They say:

ThermoNet is a research-based, technical fabric from Buff; the original multifunctional headwear brand. Their new range of head and neckwear effectively retains body heat to provide superior warmth and comfort. Proven to be four times warmer than regular microfiber, these lightweight products ensure the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio, without adding bulk or effecting performance.

Designed with athletes in mind, the ThermoNet range features Primaloft technology to provide advanced moisture management with unique, fast drying fibres, which help you maintain a steady body temperature in bitterly cold conditions.

Perfect for a range of outdoor activities including trekking, running, cycling and hiking. Available in a range of colours and stylish designs. The neckwear can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hairband, balaclava, scarf, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie and bandana.

Buff’s commitment to protecting the environment is upheld, with 70% of the fibres made from recycled Pet bottles.

We say:

Thermal clothing is not something that I ever considered as a necessity. When trying the headwear, I realised that the hat would be snug against my head. This led to 5 minutes of me adjusting, aware that my face would very much be on display.

Once leaving my door however, I soon enough fell in love. I am an amatuer runner and I endure the winter cold an hour a day when walking my dog. Suddenly, thermal wear felt like such a necessity.

I instantly noticed the difference to my body temperature. I was worried that it may have the opposite effect and leave me feeling to hot, but it optimised wonderfully. It does take a moment to get use to if you are not comfortable wearing your hair out of your face. Eventually I started to relax and because it is so light and weightless, I almost forgot that it was there.

The neckwear compliments the headwear. I don’t wear high-neck tops and even my coat can expose my neck, so having this accessory is really beneficial. Because I loved wearing it round my neck so much, I have yet to try styling it in a different way.

I know that the pieces are advertised for outdoor activity, but for anyone heading outside – especially dog walkers, Buff’s ThermoNet range is worth a try.

Buff's ThermoNetPros

  • The hat and neckwear are both light enough to easily store in your bag. One size fits all and I love that 70% of the fibre is recyclable. They dry quick and balance wonderfully between fashion and technology – effective and stylish all in one.



  • If you are not use to wearing your hair up, the hat could take a while to get use to.


Overall Ratings

Effectiveness = 5

Packaging = 4

Value For Money = 4.5

Total = 13.5/15

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