REVIEW: Clarol Silver and Birch Exfoliating Wash

Silver and Birch Exfoliating Wash

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Clarol are a great range that are not widely known here yet.  It’s main target audience are those suffering from acne and the products do an amazing job without stripping the skin of sebum which can leave it dry and vulnerable.


As this is only available on the home web site it is hard to know about it and take advantage of the rather ingenious ingredients.  The packaging is not all eye catching and is rather unassuming.


Despite not being able to try this before buying I would go ahead and take the leap of faith as I have seen, with just this one product, the difference it made to a very congested and problematic skin.  Treating acne successfully is becoming harder due to the over-use of anti-bacterial agents.  Many acne sufferers have developed resistance against and/or a sensitivity to anti-acne treatments, meaning over time they become less effective and more problematic to use with unpleasant side effects.  This range is taking the natural route to successful treatment.

Clarol products contain naturally active ingredients that work with the body’s natural resistance to help fight acne while keeping skin healthy. Unlike conventional anti acne treatments, which can be too aggressive these products strengthen, enhance and protect the body’s natural resources for preventing and fighting acne without damaging surrounding skin.

Clarol products contain specifically targeted innovative ingredients that boost the skin’s natural defenses to prevent acne break outs.  Including Skin Probiotics which are natural ‘sugars’ that when applied to the skin nourish it and in turn feed good skin flora.

Over treated skin is often chronically low on levels of good skin flora.  At low levels the skin becomes weaker, drier and less resistant to the growth of the acne bacteria.

By boosting levels of good skin flora, the skin becomes stronger, smoother and much more resilient to the acne bacteria.

Protecting areas of skin prone to acne break outs is key to stopping break outs spreading and intensifying. This wash contains a natural protective ingredient that seals off blemishes and vulnerable areas of acne prone skin from further infection from acne bacteria.

The exfoliating wash which is used in the conventional manner contains Birch Bark.

In Russia this is used to detoxify and exfoliate skin while treating acne. Birch Bark does not dry or damage it like many chemical treatments do and contains a natural substance that helps reduce inflammation in acne-prone skin. It also has natural ingredients that increase the production of proteins in skin cells that speed up the healing process.

The product also contains MicroSilver which is a natural anti-bacterial that kills off bad acne bacteria without damaging good skin bacteria, leaving skin clearer and healthier.  This is a real plus point that people who have acne will be thrilled about.

Pumice Stone and Rice Bran are included to naturally and effectively exfoliate and remove dirt and dead skin cells. Exfoliation helps remove any infected skin cells on the skin’s surface that can trigger acne and helps form new healthy skin cells.

Skin smoothers Tea tree and Grape Seed Oils combined with extracts of Bladderwrack and White Nettle help calm down bumpy skin, while Coffee Seed extract helps smooth down open pores.

All in all a wonderfully ‘natural as you can get’ product that tackles a problem that can turn up uninvited whatever your age or gender.


Effective in the circumstances it was tested in which leads me to believe it would be a good treatment.  4 stars


Simple and un-showy which is often the case with an almost medical product. 3.5 stars

Value for Money:

Terrific value – other companies would be selling this for double or triple the price. 5 stars

Buy or Bye?


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