REVIEW: Beech’s Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils

Beech’s Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils

Price: £5.99 (RRP)




  • Well designed, fancy packaging
  • Vegan
  • Natural ingredients – sourced from suppliers who are environmentally friendly
  • Each nut is individually coated in a double layer of chocolate
  • Delicious and quite filling



  • Expensive compared to other chocolate Brazil nuts on the market


I have always been a huge fan of chocolate Brazil nuts and since going vegan, have not been able to find any. I am overly impressed with the quality. The dark chocolate does not taste too rich and I pleasantly enjoyed eating. While expensive, they are a luxury and a great treat for your appetite.


They say:

The Brazil Nuts Beech’s uses are whole nuts of the highest quality from South America.  They are packed and sealed on site before being shipped to the UK to ensure freshness and flavour.

Beech’s Brazils are not “panned” like the mass produced versions of chocolate brazil on sale.

Each individual nut is coated in a double layer of thick chocolate to seal in the crispness of the nut and retain its full natural flavour.

Every single nut that leaves our factory is visually inspected being gently placed into its protective sleeve inside the box.


We say:

Upon receiving, I immediately fell in love with the packaging. The Brazil nuts inside are neatly presented and I couldn’t wait to try.

Dark chocolate can sometimes be too sickly and occasionally too bitter. However, these Beech’s Brazil nuts indulged my sweet-tooth cravings. Despite the double coated layers, the nuts inside are crunchy and there is a wonderful balance.

For people who care strongly about the environment, Beech’s only source their ingredients from suppliers who are eco-friendly. They use the finest raw materials and the chocolate is natural which takes away a certain level of guilt that can be felt after eating chocolate.

I thought they were filling and I was able to manage some level of control in not consuming them all at once.



As luxury chocolates, they are exactly what you would want. Natural, yummy and suitable to share with anyone. 5 stars



The packaging stands out and looks unique. 5 stars


Value for money:

There is a smaller 90g size box though you receive a lot less and at nearly £4.00. It’s definitely worth buying the larger size. Considering that they are natural and the ingredients are high quality, they are good value as a special luxury. 4 stars


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Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils, £5.99 Beech’s

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