REVIEW: Dead Sea Natural Mineral Face Wash

Dead Sea Natural Mineral Facial Wash

Price: £8.79

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The combination of herbs and minerals smells fabulous and the results of their inclusion in the wash are pretty much noticed immediately. Being detergent free means it better for your skin and the planet.


The only down side is the rather safe packaging which may hold it back from being the star it is. Obviously we know not to judge a book by its cover so word of mouth is always a better compliment that someone liking the colour of the fonts.


I love this wash which is calming and cleansing and has an aroma of total luxury. I am a big fan of sage and nettle so was very pleased to see them here. Mixed with natural oils and all the wonderful minerals from the dead sea its a winner for fighting dullness and environmental onslaughts.

We Say:

Dead Sea Mineral Facial Wash is a great product that delivers on the promises on the bottle. You will have no idea just how dull your skin has been looking until you give this a go. The aroma of Frankincense and it properties which is found in some of their other products is wonderful. Frankincense has a fresh woody spicy aroma that makes you feel calm and collected. Its anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and astringent properties are wonderful for acne treatment, healing acne scars and rejuvenating older skins by stimulating cell renewal, cell growth and cell protection while calming redness and can even be used on sunburn.

Sage is anti inflammatory, anti fungal and antiseptic which helps with acne, redness and puffiness. Nettles have a Vitamin C and D content that give a glow to the skin.
That is all before we get to the tried and tested sea salt minerals and coconut, olive and palm oils that bind the whole thing together to create a nice smooth clear wash that literally strips off the dullness and digs deep into the pores to remove dirt and oils.

The dead sea salts contain purifying sulphur really cleans the skin and magnesium to energise your dull grey looking skin. This is perfect for those who profess to be sensitive or have skin conditions that may have seen the use of specialised expensive products that target the desperate to look better brigade.

I use this in the morning in the shower so I can include my neck and decollate which are two other areas that can start to look dull and unevenly toned. Sun damages any exposed area of the body not just your face and it will be a case of crying over split milk if you neglect your neck once you are past the age of 20.
Another fab product from this range and who cares if I personally like a bit more razzamatazz in packaging that’s my problem!

Effectiveness: Brilliant for both skin and mental health. 5 stars

Value for Money: A massive amount for barely any money at all – amazing! 5 stars

Packaging: The bottle is a great shape for the hand and the flip top is well designed. 4 stars

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