REVIEW: Embryolisse Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion

Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion


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They say

With the ability to erase the signs of tiredness, this anti-aging care, with hyaluronic acid and natural sugars, plumps and smoothes the skin. A firming film instantly lifts the face, erases fine lines and relaxes features. Day after day, Omega 9 restructures the skin and promotes skin elasticity and firmness, alfafa and lupine extracts stimulate collagen and refresh eyes by reducing puffiness and dark circles. Vitamin E helps protect against premature ageing. Comforting, velvety cream.

We say

 The Intense Smooth Radiant Cream is on point for its description.  You can put this right up to the eye without that horrible heavy blurring effect that other full face moisturisers can have.  It is surprisingly light and not at all thick in way that many products can be when addressing ageing.

It has been a welcome addition to my arsenal of moisturisers.  My neck feels much more even and the tone has improved dramatically.

This is for a mature skin with it’s mission being to tackle fatigue and ageing. Tiredness can be seen in the skin with the colour uneven and the tone slack and the area under the eye puffy and dark.  Ageing is a rotten thing at the best of times but when it comes to the skin you can alter the damage.  I am convinced that looking better makes you feel better and your energy levels are lifted which is a win win effect.

The inclusion of Omega 9 helps to restructure the skin and promote elasticity.  Its the bouncing back of the skin that is lost as you age and this is translated into fine lines and wrinkles as the skin just lies there having a tantrum!  This cream has ingredients that stimulate collagen which we all know is the holy grail of skin staying younger for longer and not just skin as collagen is in muscles bones and ligaments too.

Vitamin E is present to help combat premature ageing.  Being able to put this right up to the eye has really improved my dark circles.  All in all a super cream for those that are concerned with ageing and tiredness.


I like the spatula and the simple jar.  Embryolisse do not need extravagant packaging to entice us when the creams are doing such a great jobs.

5 all around for each element of value, packaging and effectiveness.

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