REVIEW: Erbario Toscano Sandalo Home Fragrance


Erbario Toscano Sandalo – Sandalwood Home Fragrance 

Price: £24.99 for 100 ml



  • This product is a really grown up room diffuser with the aroma of true luxury.
  • Not a hint of fake ingredients, it’s real all the way and how!
  • From the box to the bottle to the stopper to the seal to the bottle it is all calm elegance and class.


  • If you have not heard of it you would never fall across it.
  • The Italian parent company are well known in the USA and mainland Europe but not a lot of presence here in the UK for regular shoppers.


This company have some lovely philosophies to share and all their products are made primarily with ingredients from the region of Tuscany in Italy.
A wonderful range of natural and organic body and home products all packaged in beautiful glass and colours.
They say ‘Craft suspended between art and beauty. Aroma and colour and atmosphere felt and lived by both the body and the soul’.

They Say:

Give your environment a woody aroma with the Erbario Toscano Sandalwood 100ml diffuser. Its homely fragrance of sandalwood and patchouli is designed to fill your home with a calming fragrance that is long lasting. Complete with a branded box, this home fragrance makes a lovely gift or treat for your home.


Insert the reeds into the bottle opening, allow for it to soak in the fragrance and let the aroma diffuse. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

We Say:

I am so happy to have been introduced to this range. The brown box with subtle gold logo and simple font was elegant and intriguing. Inside was a very pretty glass bottle with wax sealed stopper. The aroma on opening was heavenly. Sandalwood is often a lower note in a fragrance but here it is given top billing. Wow. The wooden sticks once inserted quickly took up the perfume and filled the room in a matter of hours with the beautiful aroma.

Sandalwood is said to have memory boosting properties. It can help you overcome anxiety, fear, stress and restlessness. Sandalwood also induces relaxation, calmness, concentration, inner vision and positive thoughts. Yes, tick to all!! I am a calm and out and out genius…

The company have also added patchouli which has a slightly sweet, intoxicating, wet earth top note. Patchouli has a long lasting smell and fixing qualities making it a great addition to suspend the sandalwood in. Patchouli is said to help with anxiety and depression.

I would say you don’t have to be feeling down and out to use this diffuser. I was quite happy already but I must say it did lift my mood. Or maybe that was all the prettiness from the bottle and packaging…Whatever it was, this would be a fantastic gift for someone at a good price without any of the horrid chemicals and cheap scents that a lot of diffusers and room candles are buried under.

The diffuser comes with a smart grey box containing the sticks also in a good quality cardboard with expensive looking font! They do some great gift sets, face and body products based on olive oil and black pepper and other lovely ingredients so why not try it out.


Does a really great job. 5 Stars 


Fab packaging! 5 Stars

Value for Money:

Really good value. I would totally buy this for myself and press it on my friends as a gift. 5 stars

Buy or Bye:


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Sandalo – Sandalwood Home Fragrance, £24.99 ERBARIO TOSCANO at Jules B 

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