REVIEW: Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme

Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme

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  • A lotion with some ingredients that are new to me but not to the USA clientele where this brand has a huge celebrity driven following.
  • All the ingredients do wonderful things and are naturally sourced.
  • Fresh aroma and long lasting moisturising make this a must have for me.
  • It is gluten free, vegan and THC free. What does THC free mean you ask? Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in the Marjuanna plant that defines it as a drug so this is telling us that the drug element has been removed.


  • Not wowed by the baby blue colour of the lotion. I can see that the brand have a lot of body lotions on offer so maybe the colour is to distinguish it from the others or its for fun.
  • May seem pricey on first sight but the ingredients are not the usual run of the mill body lotion suspects.


A very pleasing texture and aroma to this whipped body creme. 500ml is a good size for a body lotion as you would expect to whip through it if used on a daily basis. It is light and easily absorbed so you can get dressed immediately and if you shower twice a day then this is perfect for you as there is no build up or residue.

They say

All day moisture, softening even the driest skin. Enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil, helps provide skin hydration and nourishment, helps to condition skin for a healthier look. Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, 100% Vegan, THC-free.


Apply daily after you shower to lock in moisture.

We say

I was intrigued by the colour of the lotion and wondered if it was ingredient driven. It is not!

Hempz products start with 100% natural Hemp seed oil and then build with other ingredients to reach a saturating lotion that really is long lastingly moisturising.
Shea butter is there to heal and hydrate with its Vitamin E and D content.

Sweet Almond oil is a wonderful emollient and allows the lotion to glide easily over the skin and lock in the moisture by creating a barrier.
Sunflower seed oil is there to strengthen and condition the skin.

Apple fruit extract is rich in essential fatty acids that boost moisture and has a high concentration of Vitamin C that helps reduce the signs of ageing.
Pomegranate extract is super popular at the moment in the beauty and the culinary world and it helps to renew and revive the skin.

Now to two ingredients that are new to me… Yangu plant extract is from a weirdly shaped fruit and contains Vitamin A and C both excellent building blocks for revitalising and growth of skin cells. And then, Cogan Grass Extract that has a high concentration of potassium which helps the skin retain water content.

The aroma is a delightfully sweet mix of green tea, pear, acai fruit and goji berries.

The lotion is smooth and light and disappears immediately into the skin. Obviously, if you leave your body slightly damp after your shower then the lotion will lock in that moisture doing double duty. I’m impressed with how long my skin felt dewy and smooth. Even in these days of central heating doing its best to suck moisture from the air and our skin.


So far so good. Will be using this until it’s gone. 4 stars


A sturdy plastic bottle with standard pump and standard fonts. The ingredients list is in tiny tiny font so you could not make a judgment while actually in a store on whether the ingredients would suit you. Solve this by visit their US website (; as all the ingredients in each product is shown in visual and verbal form. Very impressed with that! 4.5 stars

Value for Money:

Some could deem it expensive but the ingredients are worth it. 4 stars

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Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme, £23.99 Hempz

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