REVIEW: Isla Apothecary Relax and Recover Bath Salts

 Isla Apothecary Relax and Recover Bath Salts


Price: £20.00 for 250g and £34.00 for 500g




  • Packed full of wonderful proven ingredients with a twist.
  • An interesting strand formulation like tiny bits of snow or ice.
  • Brown glass jar to retain the integrity of the ingredients.
  • Not asking you to dump handfuls in the bath but a restrained 2/3 capfuls.
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan Friendly



  • If you have a problem with lavender or roses or bergamot then this is not for you. The aromas are quite overwhelming but in a good way.



Isla Apothecary Relax and Recover bath salts have been so well thought out. They tick every box to make sure you feel calm, peaceful and a top note of feeling courageous from the Cedarwood atlas oil. I am hooked already! The information on the labelling was simple and to the point. I liked the way the told me to ‘submerge’!
The ingredients are clear and all on point.


They Say:

A comforting and grounding blend of essential oils designed to transport the mind and body into deep relaxation.

A delicately sweet, floral bath soak of dried Lavender and oils of Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Cedarwood Atlas with Epsom salt. Packed with a pure boost of Magnesium Sulphate to assist the body’s recovery post-exercise and where there is muscular tension and tiredness. Relax + Recover Bath Salts are a wonderful night-time bathing ritual to help relax a busy mind and induce peaceful sleep.



Use Relax + Recover Bath Salts during your night-time bathing ritual to help relax a busy mind and induce peaceful sleep. Pour 3 capfuls into your bath water and submerge yourself in for a thoroughly relaxing experience.

We Say:

The relax and recovery elements of these bath salts are taken care of with the dried lavender and rose geranium. Lavender is the hero of peacefulness and widely used for sleep inducement in all manner of products. Rose geranium brings you peace and lifts depression. Bergamot is also known for its calming effects with its orange top notes and is also great at purifying the skin removing toxins and pollution.

The surprising ingredient to me was the Cedarwood atlas oil. It is used to combat stress and anxiety while bringing calming soothing elements with its smoky undertones. The aroma is fabulous and intriguing.
Cedar wood atlas also helps with respiratory problems. It is anti-septic and anti-pruritic. That means it deals with irritations and itching of the skin. So if you suffer from dermatitis or eczema or itchy scalp this is for you.
On top of all that it is an astringent so it is great for oily skin or acne or simple breakouts. Finally in a flourish it promotes inner strength and courage.

I used this after a full on pilates class and looked forward to soothing the aching muscles that were in my future! I did as directed and added the three capfuls to the bath. The water was silky and instantly calming as the aroma blended with the rising heat. I definitely felt much revived on stepping out. My skin was moisturised and smooth with none of the oily reside that some bath salts can leave.

If you had asked me to choose my three favourite essential oils to put in a product for soaking in then these would be the top of my list. I am excited about trying more cedarwood atlas oils in other products. I was very impressed with these bath salts and look forward to trying other items in the range. Also I like that they are hand crafted in small batches. It gives a feeling of care to the product. It is also vegan, cruelty free and all natural.


Value for money:

The ingredients make this product worth the slightly higher cost of similar ones. 5 stars



You can’t beat a brown jar with a shiny rose gold label and very nice white font. 5 stars



I drifted away and woke up to less aching than I would expect. 5 stars


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 Relax and Recover Bath Salts 250gr, £20.00 Isla Apothecary

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