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Lifesum App

Prices for premium accounts:

2 months £2.92 per month
3 months £5.50 per month
1 month £7.99 per month

Download: Google Play, App Store



  • Personalised menus, fitness tracking and health advice
  • Useful for those with more specific fitness and dietary requirements including vegan and vegetarian recipes
  • Attractive, inspiring and motivating visuals that don’t make the mistake of setting too high a bar for beginners.
  • Friendly and easy to follow instructions
  • Helps to organise and structure what might otherwise feel like too much information about health and fitness in one go
  • Syncs with other apps including FitBit and Runkeeper



  • At the time of review, the navigation was a little overwhelming when using on the go, especially with so many options to follow. A more general search bar option would be useful.



This is a Swedish-based health app that offers multiple options for a varied range of diets and fitness goals. It includes a meat-free challenge for those keen to go without meat for a period of time, advice and menu options for vegans, step count tracking and a 3-week weight loss program.

With so much advice and with options to personalise, it’s not surprising that this app has won awards. It definitely seems a useful app for those keen to get started and stay motivated beyond just a few weeks.


They say:

With Lifesum, tracking your healthy habits (and the not so healthy ones) becomes a breeze. We’ll help you pick the right food, and eat the right portion sizes, to reach your personal health goals…Get the complete Lifesum experience

  • Nutrition advice – learn to live healthier with food ratings, daily nutrition tips and weekly advice on what to improve
  • Personalised diets
  • Get the perfect diet to succeed with your goals based on your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Healthy recipes
  • Access to our recipe section full of healthy meals for all different diets and tastes.



We say:

This app is both eye-catching and easy to use so it ticks two major positive boxes. There’s a great deal to read and take in, but it’s broken down into easy to review sections along with relevant photographs of the food itself.

Although I sometimes struggled to find a section that I wanted to go back to, I liked scrolling and browsing through different options. With a newbie friendly interface, both the tailored and browsing options are easy to use and can be used alongside each other.

I really enjoyed reading some of the blogs and checking out some of the photographs and this in itself surprised me. Whether your vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, want to lose or gain weight, get fitter or just achieve a more balanced lifestyle this is a good app to get going with.



On a short scale test – good. 4 stars


Value for Money:

With all the functions and features, I would say great value for money. 5 stars


Buy or Bye?




Lifesum App,

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