REVIEW: LuMee Duo LED Lighting Phone Case

LuMee Duo LED Lighting Phone Case

Price: £69.99 (RRP)

Stocklists: Apple, Argos & Selfridges


  • LED lights for the front facing and back facing camera
  • Dimmer button to control intensity of illumination
  • Protects the back and sides of the phone
  • Comes in a variety of colours and patterns
  • Does not use phone battery, as it has its own charging port
  • Endorsed by the Kardashians


  • Higher price point compared to other phonecases
  • Difficult to remove when on
  • Does not protect phone screen
  • Relatively bulky compared to standard phonecases
  • Endorsed by the Kardashians


Worthy of a picture itself due to its attractive design, The LuMee phone case certainly does what it says on the tin. The user controlled lighting helps to produce the perfect picture at any given moment, compensating for the slightly steep price tag and bulky design.

They say

The LuMee Duo features studio-quality, warm, natural light that casts a warm glow on your front-facing and back-facing photos, so you can capture all of the important moments.

We say

Any self-respecting millennial knows that lighting is key to the perfect selfies. In this day and age every celebration, occasion or trip outdoors is a photo opportunity not to be missed. Despite this we do not always have the right lighting to show the word how fabulous our event is or how amazing we all look. Unless of course you own a LuMee phonecase. With a selection of marble, metallics and rose golds to pick from the most difficult part about purchasing was deciding which design to choose. In spite of the steep £69.99 RRP, a LuMee case could potentially be viewed as two purchases; a protective phone cover and a portable selfie light, with the capacity to capture you at your best moments.

To carry, the phone case feels bulky and somewhat heavy, however with the standard picking up of my phone all too regularly, this feeling soon passes. A dimmer button on the back of the case (also responsible for turning the lighting on and off) is used to control the luminosity of the lighting; the perfect complement to any badly lit situation you may find yourself in. The phone case has its own charging portal (so doesn’t use any of your phones battery) and has an estimated battery life of about 90 minutes of continuous use. Whats more you can actually purchase matching battery packs, cables and selfie sticks (if you are that way inclined).

It is a hard task trying to remove the phone case (not ideal for people who want to use multiple cases/only use the LuMee for certain occasions). Thankfully as a big fan of the LuMee Duo phone case, I am therefore more than happy it is now almost superglued to my phone!


Can’t fault it. 5 stars


Minimalist with instructions/care on the outside of the box. Cant really comment on much else as it was torn off too quickly in excitement. 5 stars

Value for Money: 

Depends how much you value the perfect selfie! 4 stars

Buy or Bye?


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LuMee Duo, £69.99

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