REVIEW: Palmer’s Cleanser and Make up remover

Palmer’s Cleanser and Make up remover

Price: £5.99

Stockists: Superdrug and FeelUnique


A lovely creamy formula for those not keen on oil or for those like me that like to mix it up from day to day and take into account the days activities.


None that I could find!


Just creamy enough without being too thick and soapy. Light and easy to splash off with no residue left behind.

The inclusion of Palmer’s ‘go to’ ingredients means this is a tried and tested formula that has been turned into a cleanser which is also very moisturising as the cocoa butter encourages the skin to retain its own moisture while sealing it in. I was impressed with the lightness of this product and it slid over my face easily and was great when I added my Magnitone Vibra Sonic brush into the procedure. Even without the extra sonic cleansing I could see how deep cleaned my skin was when looking in my 30X magnification mirror (get one!!). It rinsed away quickly and left me with soft moist clean skin. I used some on a cotton pad to remove my mascara and it was amazing!

I am very keen on this product and will be a repeat customer. I love the packaging which is still true to their ideals but with a little lift and sassiness.


Yes! 5 stars

Value for money:

Excellent. Very well priced and comes with all that tried and tested knowledge. 5 stars


Love it. Catches the eye and has a font that is quickly readable and the ingredients are shown in a bold and interesting way. 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 stars

Buy or Bye?

Totally buy it!

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Palmer’s Cleanser and Make up remover | £5,99 at FeelUnique

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