REVIEW: Palmer’s Microfine Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Palmer’s Microfine Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Price: £5.49

Stockist: Superdrug


A super fine scrub that would suit all skin types. The crushed walnut shells mixed with cocoa powder were very fine and not at all aggressive.




Walnuts are packed with Vitamin B which when mixed with Vitamin E (which is found in the evening primrose oil that has been added here as a soothing emollient) helps fight free radicals that cause ageing. This makes this product multi purpose.

This scrub is super gentle and very pleasant to massage over dampened skin. The ‘scrub’ element is so fine it is safe for use two or three times a week. A big tick to not having plastic micro beads that are threatening our oceans and wild life. Did you know that Walnut oil can also be applied topically to lighten dark under eye circles and puffiness? Neither did I! So I would use this right up to the eye but gently and not in any way pulling at the delicate skin in this area.
I felt very deeply cleansed after having used this for a few weeks and have seen a smoother less tired looking and brighter skin. Make sure you include your neck and beyond if you can. The skin on the neck can be very dry due to lack of fat cells so make it a priority to make time to cleanse and moisturise it thoroughly.

I am very keen on this product and will be a repeat customer. I love the packaging which is still true to their ideals but with a little lift and sassiness.


Yes! 5 stars

Value for money:

Excellent. Very well priced and comes with all that tried and tested knowledge. 5 stars


Love it. Catches the eye and has a font that is quickly readable and the ingredients are shown in a bold and interesting way. 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 stars

Buy or Bye?

Totally buy it!

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Palmer’s Microfine Exfoliating Facial Scrub | £5,49 at Superdrug

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