REVIEW: Sprouted Genius Crackers

Sprouted Genius CrackersSprouted Genius crackers


Price: £1.99 per box (RRP) 

Stockists: Ocado



  • Made with 100% wholegrain organic sprouted flour
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to digest due to sprouted grains
  • Nice crunchy texture



  • Flavoured crackers lacked  flavour
  • Expensive if buying reguarly



Sprouted Genius  crackers are light, with a nice crunchy texture. They have enough taste to eat on their own but also work well with dips like hummus.  The packaging is really colourful and keeps the crackers fresh. Expensive compared to other crackers if bought regularly, but this is understandable in light of the ingredients.


They say

Sprouted Genius is set to become the UK’s first ever, sprouted flour cracker brand. Great tasting and great looking, Sprouted Genius are tapping into an ever-growing trend – ancient grains. Made using healthier sprouted varieties, the crackers come in three flavours and are the perfect accompaniment to jazz up a cheeseboard, snack on their own or dunk into dips.

The colourful crackers are available in Amaranth, Amaranth & Beetroot and Purple Corn, Sea Salt & Black Pepper. The deliciously moreish biscuits are baked in the UK using the finest wholegrain organic sprouted flour from ancient grains. The sprouted grain flour is combined with wheat to give them a good, satisfying ‘snap’.

Sprouted flour adds a complex flavour and texture, not seen in your average cracker. Leaving the seed of the grain to sprout also releases more of the nutrients held within, including vitamin C, carotene & vitamin B, to name but a few and makes them easier for the body to absorb and digest.



Eat straight from the pack!


We say

I enjoyed eating all of the flavours of these crackers. They all have a satisfying crunchy texture and are nice and light. The plain ones had the most flavour and are therefore my favourite. The other flavors had a more subtle taste but were also enjoyable to eat.

All of the crackers were flavourful enough to eat on their own however the flavoured ones worked best when paired with a dip. The packaging kept the crackers fresh so they maintained their flavour and crunchy texture.



The crackers are effective in providing a satisfying but light snack.  4 stars



These are really nicely packaged in brightly coloured boxes. Each box contains a plastic tray for the crackers and they are covered in cellophane, which helps to keep them fresh. The different colour boxes made it easy to distinguish between the different flavours.


Value for Money:

They are quite expensive if buying regularly.


Buy or Bye?



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Sprouted Genius crackers , £2.99

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