REVIEW: T-Zone Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask

Price: £4.99

Stockists: Superdrug

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Peel off masks really form a good seal and get the skin nice and warm so the pores can empty out the junk that collects in them. Easy to apply and quick to remove and you can do other things while it is working without fear of mess.  Sometimes these mask are too strong for sensitive or reactive skin so they are not for everybody. Do not be tempted by the glamour and fun to be had if you react badly to heat. Of course it you are using one then you have troubled skin.


A really super treat to oust your blemishes and excess oil. Not expensive and well thought out. Probably best for those suffering from teen age
angst related to spots and greasy patches.

T-Zone have been clever in marketing their products. Happy shiny teenagers having lots of fun litter their web site. Presumably, before, they were sulking in their bedrooms unable to leave because of their complexions. Those teen age years are not
all proms and bikinis they can be an arduous task to get through especially if you skin is angry bumpy and inflamed.
This peel off mask is a little gem. The main ingredients of charcoal and bamboo are real heroes in the beauty world right now. Bamboo extract is wonderful for bringing extra moisture to the skin and also strengthens the skin and hair. Bamboo extract contains silica an essential nutrient that bring healthy properties to the skin. Its anti-irritating property soothes the skin and makes it seem more radiant. If are suffering from spots or acne or angry patches this is just what you need. Activated Charcoal is a natural remedy to flush out toxins and chemicals in the body. It deep cleans and minimises pores. Charcoal has been around for ages in the beauty industry so is a proven remedy but is having a moment in the sun.


Applying the mask has a few rules. As with any mask clean the skin first to remove make up and dirt and break down the acid mantle to allow the product to penetrate more deeply. Either steam for 2/3 minutes or place a hot towel over the face for 4/5 minutes or step out of the shower and apply the mask right away. Use in the areas that are affected to start with. It is basically targeting problem areas so will be wasted on the rest of the face if its in a good condition. You can mix and match your masks so maybe use another mask on the areas that are not blemished or oily. Avoid any areas of hair. Leave for 30 minutes then peel away and admire the horrid junk stuck to the inside of the mask that has been extracted from your pores. Rinse and moisturise as usual. This is a great product that does what it says and has groovy packaging to attract its target audience.

Effectiveness: does not prevent the appearance of new blemishes but does fight dead skin build up which can contribute. 4 stars

Packaging: nice sharp pink and black and good fonts make this an attractive item on  a shelf. 5 stars

Value for money: really excellent value at pocket money prices that mean the target audience can afford it. 5 Stars

Over all: 5 Stars

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T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask | £4,99 at Superdrug

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