REVIEW: Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser

Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser


Price: £37 (RRP)

Stockists:, QVC 



  • Contains 21 natural hydrating agents
  • Treats chronic skin dehyration
  • Leaves skin soft and supple
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Loved by brand ambassador and pop star Lulu



  • Only packaged in a pot and not tube
  • Cannot be used around the eye area



A hydrating moisturiser full of natural ingredients that delivers on its promise. Skin is left feeling replenished and a noticeable difference was seen in a matter of weeks. The biggest highlight is that it retains moisture in your skin.


They say:

Powerball is a true “watershed moment” in the evolution of skin moisturization. This breakthrough technology defeats dehydration by flooding your skin with a power-house blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level…refilling, reviving…and most critically, retaining.

Powerball harnesses the extraordinary hydrating efficacy of Ectoin, a miracle-working, microscopic protein found in the desert. Even in the harshest, most arid, hostile environments…..where water is the key to life….Ectoin grabs and hoards moisture, enabling host micro-organisms not only to live but to thrive.

Powerball also features bio-protectant Trehalose to help preserve skin’s internal fluidity, keeping it supple, elastic, resilient.

A proprietary blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Aqua Cell Complex (lentil, watermelon and apple extracts) loads and refills skin’s essential moisture reserves, for softer, smoother, plumper tone and text.



For best results, apply evenly and liberally, morning and night, avoiding eye area.


Time Bomb Powerball


We say:

Regardless of skin type, most people suffer from dehydration. Unlike dry skin which is due to lack of oil, dehydration is a skin condition caused by a lack of water. Weather and pollution can play a detrimental role. Oily skin in particular, is most-likely to suffer from dehydrated skin as your body tends to overproduce oil in an attempt to create water.

Baring this in mind, it makes sense that the Time Bomb Powerball is suitable for everyone. The texture feels light on the skin and despite the powerful package of ingredients inside, the cream does not feel heavy or greasy on the face. The smell is fairly neutral. There is no strong or distinctive fragrance to pick up on.

In a few days of using, noticeable improvements were recognised. Dry patches around my chin had started to diminish and the softness of my complexion vastly improved. A few weeks later, I noticed more radiance and a slight brightness to my appearance.

With 21 natural hydrating agents, the price of this product is justified. Equally, the moisturiser lasted for nearly two months because I thought a little went along way. I would suggest as the best moisturiser I have ever tried.



Delivers on expectations. Skin felt balanced and hydrated. 5 stars



I prefer to use a bottle with a pump, however the packaging is cleverly designed to go with the name. 4 stars


Value for money:

Considering other moisturisers on the market at a similar price, this product gives great value. 5 stars


Buy or bye?



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Time Bomb Powerbomb

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