Revolutionising Skincare With RosehipPLUS

RosehipPLUS is one of the leading brands in bringing Rosehip oil to mainstream beauty. Rosehip oil is a pressed seed oil harvested from Rosa Canina seeds that boasts vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Beauty gurus and dermatologists alike have discovered the remarkable effects this natural product has on skin. Always one looking to perfect the art of skincare, I decided to work RosehipPLUS’s oil into my daily routine for two weeks – here is the verdict…

Why RosehipPLUS?

Their oil is completely pure and certified organic. It is cold pressed from the seeds of rose bushes and helps to support healthy and radiant skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, eradicates acne scars, blemishes and stretch marks, evens out skin tone, and so much more. RosehipPLUS’s emphasis on purity adds to the unparalleled results of their oil – never compromise with skincare, always seek purity.

RosehipPLUS’s products include a glass bottle with a droplet applicator and a portable roll on tube. I’ve grown to love the roll on applicator more than I initially anticipated – the metal massager ball doubles up as a precise, portable applicator as well as a lip balm!

First Impressions

On the first evening I applied Rosehip oil, I wasn’t sure how much product was actually required. I woke up the following morning feeling both greasy and silly for not following the recommended “two to three drops.” Going forward, I knew that two to three drops really is enough for my whole face and neck. This amount skips any greasiness but leaves plenty of product for the skin to absorb and work with. I apply it after my morning cleanse and my evening exfoliation, leaving time between cleansing/exfoliating for my skin to breathe.

In terms of using alongside make-up, I have read many reviews recommending using this as a primer. These are reviews I can only assume are for those with dry skin. For oily skin, I would recommend applying RosehipPLUS after exfoliation and cleansing, and then leaving the product to fully absorb before applying your usual primer.

What Skin Type Is It Suitable For?

Many reviews of Rosehip oil claim that it is best suited to dry and sensitive skin types. However, my experience as somebody with combination skin has been majorly positive.

Those of us that suffer with oily skin may wince at the idea of incorporating oil into our daily beauty routine. But the purity of RosehipPLUS’s products, coupled with the inherently beneficial qualities of the natural oil, are similarly non-greasy to that of virgin coconut oil. Therefore, it quickly absorbs into the skin and immediately utilises it’s naturally occurring ingredients to keep skin moisturised, glowing and plump.

RosehipPLUS’s website and blog stresses the benefits of Vitamins A and C: they work within the oil to provide the skin with a strong antioxidant boost and anti-inflammatory effect. As a result, skin is repaired and hydrated by nourishing it’s water barrier property. These vitamins also play a key role in evening skin-tone and helping to eradicate blemishes and relentless dry spots.

Worth it? Definitely

If you would have told me a week ago that an oil would revolutionise my skincare routine, I most likely would have laughed. I always struggled to shrink my pores (larger pores come hand in hand with oily skin) but the natural anti-inflammatory effect of rosehip oil combats has shrunk my pores in a way no other product. What’s more, is I can see my skin tone gradually evening out as my acne scars and resistant blemishes start to heal.

I cannot stress the benefits of rosehip oil. But I can stress the necessity to go certified organic. RosehipPLUS has taught me that sometimes, it is good to fight oil with oil! Keep your eyes peeled for the 2 month review of RosehipPLUS’s Rosehip oil here at i the stylist.

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