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Get The Look Beauty: The No Makeup Look


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That fresh, bare-faced look is all the rage at the moment. Gone are those panda eyes and caked-on foundation. If you’re looking for that ultra natural look for your eyes that could fool anyone into thinking that you’re not wearing any makeup (perfect for school) – this one’s for you. Here’s how to get that no make up, makeup look…


Get the no make up look


Start by priming your lids and under-eye area with an eye primer or a concealer in the same shade as your skin tone. If you have any discolouration around the eye area, use a colour corrector. Pat it into the skin and blend well.


Eye primer


Eyeshadow primer potion

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Gotcha Covered concealer 19g

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Colour corrector


Colour corrector kit colour mix

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Eyebrows frame the face and pull everything together. Using a blunt brow pencil that matches your brows, fill in any sparse areas. This can also be done using an angled brush dipped in brow pomade or a crayon – the key is to use light strokes in the same direction as eyebrow hair growth, rather than horizontally along the outline of the brow. Comb through with a spoolie brush or old mascara wand, set with a clear brow gel and clean up the edges with concealer.


Brow pencil


All Day precision guide brow pencil

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Brow drama chubby

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Find yourself a matte eyeshadow that is similar to your skin tone or one shade darker. Apply this generously to the mobile lid and blend out well to avoid any harsh lines. When choosing your colour, be sure to take your undertones into account too.


Eye shadow


35N 35 color matte palette

35N 35 color matte palette, £22.50 MORPHE at


Next, use a brown eyeliner that is somewhere between the colour of your natural lashes and your lids. This gives you that seamless shadow that blends into your lid and your lash line to create fuller lashes and add gentle dimension.  Lifting your lid with your finger, tight-line those eyes – pencil would be the easiest option to work with. Using an eyeshadow brush, gently blend away any visible lines.


Eye pencil


Eyeliner waterproof

Eyeliner waterproof, £20.00 Dior


Apply the same eyeliner to your bottom lash line, steering clear of the water line. Keep it to the outer half of the eye, fading as you move towards the inner corner. Avoid back-and-forth horizontal strokes and when in doubt, follow the direction of natural hair growth.

Curl your lashes and finish with a clear mascara. Brush out any clumps using a clean toothbrush or mascara wand.


Clear mascara


Brow & lash gel

Brow & lash gel, £10.00 The Body Shop


You can now smile smugly and give yourself a pat on the back for being a kickass makeup ninja. If you’ve tried this look, we’d love to hear what you thought in the comments below.





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