Sadie Clayton: Designer Spotlight

When it comes to fashion London can be seen as a melting pot of creative innovation and spectacular creativity. The city is ingenious in drawing out the best from talented individuals that push for inventive designs alongside thought-provoking stories. This cluster of designers forging the future of fashion includes Sadie Clayton, a new kid on the scene with an original and highly stylish perspective.

Sadie Clayton
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Sadie Clayton: About the designer

Sadie Clayton sparked conversation after her graduation from Kingston University when she exhibited at the coveted Graduate Fashion Week. The designer launched her eponymous label in 2015 and progressed to showing at London, Berlin and Shanghai fashion weeks in addition to exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Art.

Her aesthetic borders on sculptural avant-garde with a touch of courageous ready-to-wear. Clayton’s comment on her artistic approach is, “I always strive to design in a way that’s aesthetically refreshing, new and peculiar enough that one might question what they’re looking at.”

Sadie Clayton Sadie Clayton Sadie Clayton

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Dripping in metal

In this case, it goes without saying that our double glance at her collection is a compliment for the designer. Clayton’s focal point on design features includes the vibrant use of metallic copper as a colour choice and defining texture. The emerging sculptural designer has mastered creating her own recognisable signature when constructing these endearing avant-garde garments.

Clayton’s ready-to-wear AW18 collection, available on her website is essentially for the bold amongst us who aim to incorporate architectural concepts into their everyday wardrobe. Most of all the focal point remains to be the fusible element of copper, mixed with recognisable streetwear details given a twist with thoughtful cuts and lines for a sculptural garment.


Our top picks


Sadie Clayton

Short Cape Bomber, £340.00 Sadie Clayton 

Sadie Clayton

Tie Front Shit, £180.00 Sadie Clayton

Sadie Clayton


Embroidered Bomber, £545.00 Sadie Clayton

Courageous in copper

The majority of the fashion industry aim to commercialise their products. In doing so, some brands lose the story that we want us to buy into. Clayton, on the other hand has began creating a niche for her product. The fashion artist creates designer clothes that are stand-alone pieces in addition to her recognisable signature…

Sadie Clayton
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