The Science Behind Our Skincare

Skincare and science go hand in hand, with new advances made every few months that never cease to amaze us. We all have those friends with beautifully clear skin who’s skincare routine consists of face wipes and a moisturiser making us if the heavy load of products we’re using is all a scam.

When extensive research and new innovative technology is used in skincare products, the price tends to rise. This is simply because the ingredients are higher in price and quality and the tech is more top notch. But, believe it or not, even your £2.50 Nivea moisturizer, has scientists and technology behind it to make it effective and safe for our skin.

Unfortunately our genes – and luck – play a massive part in the appearance of our skin, but science has proven that skincare products are indeed effective and can improve our complexions. Obviously some products will work wonders and some will do nothing – or even the complete opposite effect of what we wanted. It is also to be kept in mind that the advancements in formula demands for an advancement in education of how products should be used.

Ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide may sound like they have come straight from your Year 11 chemistry lesson, but in fact, they are tried and tested ingredients that have helped to clear acne for decades. We’ve all more than likely used either at one point as they’re included in lots of products on our supermarket shelves. So that Clearasil cleanser your 13 year-old self was obsessed with, actually did have a bit of science behind it.

Nowadays, as more sophisticated products are in high demand our skincare contains even more ingredients that are scientifically proven to transform our skin. Retinoids, or Vitamin A, are the arguably the most effective ingredients in reversing the signs of ageing. Products like Sunday Riley’s Luna £45  or a cheaper alternative like The Ordinary’s Retionoid £8 include this ingredient.

Another great skincare product is an acid toner. They’ve become fairly mainstream now and a bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic £18 is permanently in my ownership. Acid toners are extremely effective in improving the texture and brightness of oglur skin. This is because they include AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) which are basically acids like glycolic that chemically exfoliate our skin and stimulate cell turnover.


After learning a whole new vocabulary of scientific ingredients it is clear that perhaps skincare is infact not a massive con. So embrace the fact you may rather spend your money on some Glow Tonic rather than a gin and tonic. Actually it seems our skincare is pretty clever and we can purchase with confidence knowing that there is in fact science in our skincare.

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