Seaspray – The Perfect Swimwear For Tall Women

Swimwear for tall women

Whilst there is a considerable amount of variety in the world of fashion, there are a few areas that are lacking. Most designers concentrate on a handful of factors for their variety. Colour schemes and palettes that are new and exciting. Patterns that people haven’t seen before. Alternatively, exciting combinations of motifs, like a blend of floral and man-made designs.




However, one area that is lacking is sizing. There are plenty of designers that do plus size items of swimwear. This is one of the fastest growing areas of the clothing sector. However, most designers make products for the curvier lady but what about swimwear for tall women? Well, very few make swimsuits that cater for taller women. Seaspray is one of the few brands that currently caters to the taller woman. As well as making some classic items, they also trend-conscious thus make a variety of seasonal and timeless pieces. But, what unites them all is the extra length.


With regards to swimwear for tall women, Seaspray adds an extra two inches to every single swimsuit in their range. This means that taller women can get a swimsuit that fits with ease. It is not only that women are generally not as tall as men. They also have less of a range in their height that makes very tall women difficult to cater for design wise. They are viewed as a tiny minority, and there aren’t many designers that want to take the “risk” of a niche product. Seaspray decided to dedicate their range to that niche. They add those extra two inches (2in = 5cm) to such women who are model tall don’t need to shop around for a great swimsuit.




Not only do they add this feature, but they take care of everything else as well. Occupying a niche is one thing but giving your customers everything in it is another. Seaspray knows that tall women want beautiful fashion too. They make some gorgeous designs, control swimsuits, plus size fits and more. Every element that you might want is available in their line-up, with no generic designs. Also, what’s more, they are also very affordable, especially for a niche item…

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