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Yesterday morning I attended Simple’s City Skin Press Breakfast at the Rooftop Bar at ME Hotel.  Unfortunately the sun was a no show but the view is still pretty amazing and the main draw of course was the beauty products.   Aside from the odd night when I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup still on – alcohol induced obviously – I’m pretty good when it comes to my skincare.  As I have oily, sensitive skin I find as long as the products I use are oil and alcohol free then my skin responds pretty well. My products are changing on a monthly basis as I’m trying to work my way through a pile of great press samples.  However one of my mainstays are Simple wipes and having used the Simple skincare range regularly a few years back I was intrigued to try out some of the newer ranges.




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Upon arrival I received a face scan. Be warned it looks much scarier than it is. It basically scans the layers of your skin and gives you feedback about spots, sun damage, bacteria, wrinkles and the general heath of your facial skin.  Unfortunately I didn’t ask for a print out of my report but the overall health of my skin was very good.  Living in the UK and having a darker skin tone meant that UV damage was practically non-existent.


This is not to say that sun damage is the only culprit.  What I loved about the event was the fact that it highlighted that yes, sun damage was a major factor to prevent against with regards to skin damage but another often forgotten factor is stress.  The brand were keen to promote a holistic approach to looking after the health of one’s skin.  They identified pollution, weather and stress as city living downsides and want to get the message across that the right nutrition, exercise and relaxation routines along with the right products can alleviate any city living skincare issues.


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Dr. Chris Bundy

Dr Chris Bundy, a psychodermatology expert at the University of Manchester recommends spending at least 10 minutes a day meditating.  She stressed that the mind and body are connected and she trains people to use the psychological route to combat stress responses in the body.  She said, “10 minutes of mindfulness a day is equal to the benefits of a 10 minute power nap.  What happens in the body starts in your mind.”  Her advice was to first of all find out which sense you respond to most – touch, sound, taste etc and then use this dominate sense as an anchor for your 10 minutes of mindfulness.  For example my dominate sense is sound so she recommended recreating a sound that I like and using this to clear my mind and live in the moment.

I also spoke to Simple skincare expert and ambassador, Caroline Frazer.  Caroline has a background as a beauty therapist and celebrity makeup artist and also had some great advice.  She said, “To help your skin cope with city life and to de-stress  – think about your skin.  So, as you take your eye makeup off think about how your eyes feel – are they dry? Are they red? Is your skin irritated?  When you cleanse your face  try and spend one minute massaging your skin and what that will do is it will exfoliate your skin naturally.  It will increase the blood circulation and bring more food and oxygen to your skin  and make it look more radiant. It will also absorb anything you use more easily. At night try a night cream as it will really replenish and restore your skin.  Your body replenishes itself at night so it’s a great time to replenish your skin as well. If you focus and listen to your skin whilst you’re cleansing and moisturising your skin will actually improve – you’ll notice things about it.  It will bring you back to yourself instead of all the marketing ideas that are out there telling you what to do.  Listen to your skin it will tell you what it likes and doesn’t like.”

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Caroline Frazer


Great advice I think which I’ll surely be following – will let you know how that goes!


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