Tetley Smocktail Recipes: Mocktails with Tea

Tetley have teamed up with Michelin Star chef Mark Sargeant, to create a series of cocktails with added health benefits. These non-alcoholic drinks – classified as a ‘smocktail’, use Tetley’s own Super Tea products including their latest super squash, with recipes formed by Sargeant that are full of various vitamins.

At i the stylist, we tried Tetley Super Green Tea Immune: Tropical to make the smocktail Super Human Mai Tai and Tetley Super Fruits Immune: Lemon & Ginger, to make T-Total Turbo Toddy.


We found the recipes were easy to create and tasted superb. If you stayed ‘dry’ during January and are hoping to continue a cut-down on alcohol, these smocktails are a wonderful alternative to enjoy with friends. The only downside is that they do require various ingredients to put together, which means your tea packet will require more than a boil of a kettle.

The super teas themselves contain 20 tea bags and are low in caffeine. They are also high in anti-oxidants with a high vitamin C content. If you are drinking on their own without whipping up a smocktail, we found the taste to be mild which means you might want to wait longer for the tea to brew before drinking.

Mark Sargeant opened restaurant Gordon Ramsey as sous chef and during his time there, the restaurant won it’s 3 Michelin Stars. Throughout a thirteen-year relationship with Ramsey, Sargeant co-authored his twelve books, assisted with his television work both in the UK and abroad, and wrote regular columns for publications such as The Times.

He now has his own two restaurants in the town of Folkestone in Kent – ‘Rocksalt’ and ‘The Smokehouse’, alongside being a food director, chef director, author and a regular guest on ITV’s ‘Saturday Cookbook’.


The full range of his smocktail recipes include the names ‘Ice Blast Winter Berry Boost’, ‘Matcha Made in heaven detox mojito’ and ‘Matcha Green Tea Metabolising Tonic’. You can go through all the recipes here, but below is one of our favourites to make: ‘Super Human Mai Tai’:

Glass – Filip

100ml cold Tetley Super Green Tea Immune: Tropical

25ml orange juice

25ml pineapple juice

25ml Tetley Super Squash Sunshine: Orange & Peach

½ stick fresh lemongrass

Handful of ice (just for shaking)


Combine all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, making sure that the Tetley Super Green Tea Immune: Tropical is brewed with hot water and completely cooled before doing so. Add ice to the shaker and shake, then using a cocktail strainer, double strain the liquid into the glass. Garnish with a slice of pear or lemongrass.

Flashback to the beach in Thailand and enjoy this tropical mocktail to help bring out the super in you. A refreshing mix of Super Green Tea Immune with added Vitamin C to help protect your immune system and Tetley Sunshine Super Squash Sunshine with Vitamin D to support healthy bones and teeth.


The RRP of Tetley Super Teas is £1.79 and are stocked at Asda, Morrisons, Ocado and Tesco.

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