SOLE Custom Footbeds

SOLE Custom Footbeds

SOLE Custom Footbeds

Price: £35.00 – £45.00

They say

SOLE Custom Footbeds and Footwear are your solution. Our innovative, adaptable products guarantee to provide industry-best cushioning and support, customized for each user. SOLE’s unique orthopaedic shape and mould-optimized materials are built into every pair of footbeds and footwear that we make, adapting to your body without losing support.

We say

SOLE have some great ethics and ideas. For a start using old corks to make something new is admirable. Then to be making something that people actually want and can do them good is a win win. The company want to make a difference with a positive impact and they are doing just that. It is a company run by passionate people with big hearts. They do a lot of charity work, donate hundreds of thousands of dollars of their profits and give away thousands of pairs of soles to help those that need it the most.

SOLE custom footbeds improve health and wellness. Imagine how much of your day is spent on your feet and then recall how many times you have said your feet are killing you.  The insoles are designed to relieve all kinds of problems starting with the soles then working up through the ankles, knees, thighs and hips. You may only have one area of concern or all of them! There are three types of soles – thin, medium and thick, in three footwear styles – active, casual and performance. All of which tackle different problems or levels of pain! Read all the information on their website to decide which one is right for you.

I  trialled the Casual Medium Sole, which is intended for regular shoes and non-functional trainers. The point of the sole is to keep your foot in a position as close as possible to nature intended. Many of the shoes we wear twist and contort our feet. Or offer no support so we clench our toes to keep them on.  This sole has some cushioning plus a nice thin premium leather top sheet which is very pleasant and cooling to the foot. The heel cup really did cradle my heel in an unobtrusive way and was very comfortable. I stuck them in a pair of converse and the sole did not take up much room at all. It sat very snugly and did not slip around. I was super impressed with the whole design. I am going to get a pair for my ski boots!


SOLE Custom Footbeds


SOLE Custom Footbeds


Very smart minimalist and chic. Recycled paper and plastic of course. All you need to know is printed in simple sound bites over the board that holds the soles.


My feet did not feel tired at the end of a day of rushing around and carrying heavy stuff up and downstairs and my “dodgy” knee that sometimes complains kept quiet.

Value for Money

Excellent value if it helps you stay on your feet without pain. As we age it’s all to easy to just put aches and pains down to the encroaching years and that smacks of settling. If they could be avoided or alleviated then the price is not an issue.

Buy or Bye



I am not easy to impress and can see the value of these soles in all situations. If I was even vaguely sporty I would put them in my trainers.


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Women’s casual medium, £45.00 Sole

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